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  1. PSG training is going smoothly, Verratti took some wate skiing lesson last Friday
  2. You guys have great taste. Verratti is pure magic, the only thing he can't do is scoring (although he scores his first 3 goal last year with Paris) but he is one of the top 5 midfielder in the world atm and he's only 22... Unfortunatly for you, if he ever leaves Paris, he'll go to real madrid
  3. You're Harsh xD We already won a trophy this season (trophée des champion... ok its a 4th class trophy but still! ) we are in final for the ligue cup, in semi final for the French cup, we are second, one point away from Lyon, in French L1 and we are in Quarter Final in CL... Not that bad isn't it? Maybe we'll end up losing everything, maybe we won't, but at least we try to win every game. As for Chelsea, I never ever disrespected your team. I was there last year, before and after both game. I said back then that you guys were better than us. But this year you were not. The margin if thin, but
  4. You can't be serious... Coming from the very first team built by a russian bilionnaire... And FPF is not a law... it's only a rule that apply to uefa competition... And it might be illegal according to european law (it's beeing currently discused in European court). So get a hold of yourself, it's embarassing... As for our players, yes Zlatan is getting old... but we actually didn't need him to tie you 2-2 10v11 on wednesday... Cavani isn't that good in French L1, but he scored 6 goals this year in Champion's League. How many for Diego Costa??? The only 2 players I would take from your team ar
  5. Hi guys. Last yeat I was here after the second game, and you deserved your win. I told you back then that we would be back, I told you in december that this time it was gonna be a different story! I think it's the most incredible game I've watched since France-Italie in 2000! It's just fcking amasing! Playing 10v11 almost all game, our players were only moved by fighting spirit and tonight I've never been more proud to be parisian! I wish you well in BPL, but tonight it was our night!
  6. Yeah he's just not the same player this season, it's really frustrating :s
  7. And here we are again a year later! But this time I hope we are gonna win! Honestly our team isn't the same since our loss at Stamford Bridge last year. I have the feeling that we lost all our teamspirit after that loss and that's why I'm happy we draw you again this year! It's time for some revenge and our player are gonna be out for blood! Ok your team is better than last year, but if Blanc can manage to become a real manager maybe he'll understand that Motta and Cavani should go on the bench... Last year Ibra wasn't there to perform magic, and Pastore was still in a confidence pit... despit
  8. Cavani won't be sold by PSG this season and PSG doesn't need money to complete the transfer of Di Maria. They'll get Di Maria the same way they got Serge Aurier, Di Maria will go to Paris as a loan this year and PSG will pay for him next year.
  9. Lavezzi will propably be sold. That guy is the clumsiest player i've ever seen, but he has the biggest fighting spirit too. With his world cup I guess He'll be sold for 30-35M€. And PSG doesn't give a shit about UEFA sanctions. The money is real, there are no debt. Therefore the owner are confident they would easily and fiercly strike back at the UEFA if they wanted to expel PSG from the C1.
  10. Good enough to be in the starting 11 in any other team in the French League. He is still in progress, but I've been watching his performance since 2 years and a half and he really is impressive. I really don't want him to leave PSG ...
  11. As a PSG fan I must say Rabiot is really impressive. He can play at any place in the mid field, he can score goal and do assist. He is only 19 and already has 2 fulls season in the French ligue with almost 60 games in 2 years. It's a shame he doesn't want to sign a new contract with Paris. The reason is that he has no guarantee he will have enought play time if he stay in Paris. That's the down point with him... His agent is his mother and she thinks that if he is not in the starting 11 in 30-40 games during the season, her son won't be able to progress. So she wants him to leave Paris because
  12. According to French Media, a reason to explain why the transfer was so quick and so expensive is that all transfer done before June 30th count as 13/14 transfer. Therefore the price of DL transfer won't impact the FFP penalties that UEFA put on PSG. That would also mean that PSG can spend all the money they want before June 30th... My guess is that we are gonna have some fun before the World Cup!
  13. We'll talk about this later when we'll sell you Lavezzi and take Hazard over And I wouldn't call 3-3 a rape ...
  14. Last update on french media is 45m€
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