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  1. What is the point of dropping bombs again? We know it is useless. If we really want to destroy ISIS, let's go on the ground. We won't, so let's get out of there. Those bombs will only generate revenge and more deads. The truth is we are spending so much money and ressources on foreign wars that we are no longer able to protect our own territory. And I just wanted to thank peoples from your respective countries for showing so much solidarity. This is really touching, particularly from peoples that constantly live with terrorism.
  2. That was a hoax from some stupid people.
  3. What can I answer? Your questions are just stupid and provocative. I am not denying racism againt Muslim people in Europe but anti-european racism is an issue no one can deny too. For decades, we thought that we could be an happy country by not forcing new migrants to adopt our national culture, we thought that multicultularism was "cool". Our gouvernors thought they could easily mix two populations with completely different cultures and beliefs. The cultural gap was way too big. And now we have a lot of Muslim people that are more and more religious (without being islamists) and do not acce
  4. Your post is so stupid it is hard to believe (it took you one reply to use the Godwin law, congratulations). You do not accept any debate, you just call people racists, you are ridiculous.
  5. Unlike the US back in 2001, France and other European countries have to deal with their growing Muslim population, that has been more and more islamized over the past decades. And because of imigration and differences between "Caucasian" and Muslims regarding birth rate, the weight of Islam in countries such as France, Belgium or Holland (and to a less extent the UK) will grow bigger. And some people are already saying that Muslims will be the majority in a few decades in those countries. I am not saying it's true but this is a real issue.
  6. I am even more afraid of what is coming next. Some people that were not ready to carry attacks yet have just seen how easy it is to kill 130 people in a western city. And we do not have to deal with foreign terrorists trying to prepared attacks in cities and countries they've never been to. We have in Europe thousands of locals people that are getting prepared, ready to hit anywhere at anytime. And far right is going to rise again. After Charlie, it is terrible to say that, but a lot of French people, unconsciously, did not feel threatened because the terrotists targeted "minorities" (journal
  7. 140 people killed according to Paris city hall.
  8. There will be local elections in two weeks. After Charlie, there were big demonstrations to celebrate "living together". I think people do no longer believe in it. That will be a big boost for far-right in France. Now what will do the coalition in Syria? What will decide Obama? He has one year left not to be remembered as the president that has not been able to destroy ISIS.
  9. I remember I read an article back before Charlie Hebdo about years ending with 15 being terrible or decisive years in French history (death of Louis XIV, Waterloo, WWI, ...) ... This year has probably been the worst since WWII.
  10. Around 100 deads, only in the Bataclan ... I want to cry.
  11. This is just the beginning unfortunately.
  12. The policemen just broke into the theater. Apparently it's apocalypse in there.
  13. To be honnest, the only "world class player" in PSG is Motta, based on what he did before with other teams and what he is still able to do. Thiago Silva is almost a world class player but still lacks a bit of mental strength (kept crying in Brazil, his hand against Chelsea was incomprehensible). Verratti has enough to be a world class player, he showed it during the two games, it is just a matter of time. Lucas Moura has enought to be a world class player but he also still have to prove. And Maxwell is among the best players in the world at his position. Now Zlatan. He's been here for more t
  14. You know that the PSG he played against with Lille had nothing to do with he played against with Chelsea. He is the best player in a league that is no longer what it used to be (probably only one club left in the Europa league round of 16). Since you don't seem to understand, I'll repeat: he is a very very good player, I am just saying that so far he is not a world class player. I am not comparing with Messi or Ronaldo but he is still far from players like Robben, Ribéry or even Drogba or Lampard back during their great time with Chelsea.
  15. He proves it against QPR, Burnley or Crystal Palace. Against PSG or Atletico, he has proven much less so far. I guess he would prove even less against Real or Bayern.
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