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  1. This maybe the first time in long time I'm laughing when a Chelsea player get red card.
  2. From 1st to 10th. It's a conspiracy! And LOL Arsenal, still not win the league with Chelsea, City, United, Spurs & Liverpool finished below them.
  3. The Boy, The Tiger, now The Duck, it can't get any worse!
  4. For that purpose I'm gladly to give Cuadrado the chance, at least until January. Signing Pedro is not urgency like Costa-Remy last summer when Chelsea only have Torres as main striker. Even if Pedro gone by August to another club, there still another alternative for that kind of player. That's why Chelsea need to cut this Schurrle->Cuadrado->Pedro(?) kind-of-transfer and wait or spend money for a really top/world class player the moment he available.
  5. That's why Chelsea need to buy another "Matic" and "Costa" type player, not another "Schurlle" or "Cuadrado" player, who maybe will be gone the next 1-2 season. Heck I'm very happy if Chelsea signed Sanchez last year. Pedro still playing for Barca because they need backup player. Sanchez is too good to be a backup player, Barca sold him only because they got Suarez. I'm not saying Pedro is a bad player. My point is Pedro will not be a massive improvement to Cuadrado. Maybe he's 5M cheaper, but 1 year older and his league goal record past 4 years almost identical to Cuadrado.
  6. But why never above 20 goals again since 11-12? Not to point that he will be 28 years old by the end of July. For me if Chelsea can't secure a world class winger this summer, better spend another 20-25m money for another position. If I'm not wrong Jose said something like "We want a top striker but he is not availabe this time, next summer you will understand why" when people asked why he not signed a striker but instead signed Matic. 5 months later Diego Costa signed. Chelsea winger depth already deep, no need add another decent winger.
  7. I believe Cuadrado can scores as much goals as Pedro if he played for Barcelona and not for Lecce/Fiorentina. It's not like he scores 15-20 goals every season, just around 8 goals/season average. And Chelsea still have Remy, he can play as winger if Jose want a winger with scoring ability.
  8. Pedro goals (league only) according to Wiki: 2011–12 29 5 2012–13 28 7 2013–14 37 15 2014–15 35 6 Cuadrado: 2011–12 33 3 2012–13 36 5 2013–14 32 11 2014–15 17 4 (Chelsea) 12 0 To me he's not so much better than Cuadrado in scoring ability. And what happen to Cuadrado? Jose preferred Willian ahead of him even his goal record are better than Willian.
  9. They need to slap the "It's £40M/Year Deal Folks!" -with dark font so people can read it clearly- motto under the TYRES word to make that GK shirt look nice.
  10. I don't understand, why sign another squad-rotation winger? Chelsea need a world class right winger, better spend the money elsewhere. Chelsea wingers are (Bold=Natural Position, the rest can be forced playing in that position if needed): LW: Hazard, Willian, Cuadrado, Remy, Oscar, Azpilicueta, Felipe Luiz, Costa (if Falcao play as CF) RW: Willian, Cuadrado, Hazard, Oscar, Remy, Ramires, Costa Plus Traore, Piazon, Moses, Marin and Salah...
  11. GZ25

    Eden Hazard

    His shoot still weak, he must try to shoot at the top corner more often
  12. Maybe Wenger trying to bring back RvP for discount, so United all out sign Falcao. It make sense.
  13. Read somewhere Wenger going to Rome to manage a charity match. Not sure serious or a joke.
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