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  1. Meena, do you think this guy is any good?
  2. Someone quote this if he gets sacked in 2/3 years.
  3. This is the crap formation, no need to wait for it. Courtois, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic, Azpi, Mikel. Cesc, Pedro, Willian, Oscar, Remy I will cut my nuts off if this isn't the team that will start
  4. What a tosser. RLC/Traore should have started today. Grow some balls ffs and change this dumb formation for once.
  5. He's handling the Pato situation in a very odd way. So the guy can't even play for 20 minutes?
  6. It's like a miracle when we can keep the ball for more than 15 seconds. Same shit, different manager
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