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I am Jocktopus, hear me rawr.


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Jocktopus! *shine*

Err, yes, I better start with the introduction now, before you people get bored and leave this th- Yeah... Well, hello. My name is Jocktopus8, just your loyal Chelsea AND England fan who also loves Ed, Edd n Eddy and Fish Hooks (as you can see :eyebrows: ). My favourite player in the Premier League is probably Frank Lampard, and my second is Gareth Bale. But Drogba, Wilshere, McEachran, Henderson and Van der Vaart come in close! So yes, I'm just that random kid who loves football and cartoons. As, you can see, I'm awesome 8D or so I think... *shifty*

Yes, well. I'll leave it at that.

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Welcome! As Kez says, you're probably the youngest member on the site! Don't let that put you off though, I'm 17 and as Administrator I can kick some serious backside!

My name's Alex and I help run the site along with the 'Big Lads' in Jim (the site owner), Steve and the 'Bigger Lads' - Oxfordblues and Stamford, two of our veteran members. This site is incredibly relaxed and diverse and I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. It'll be nice to hear from young Chelsea fans!

One thing that might surprise you is that some people on this site are very, very passionate about the club and are very determined in getting their points across. We have a lot of discussions here and a large number see some people get pretty emotional and heated, and people start swearing and calling people pretty colourful names just because they disagree! However its all because we all care about this football club, so don't get put off if you find somebody disagrees with you - disagreement sparks debate afterall!

If you need any help with anything or have any questions, just PM me. I'm logged in all the time and check the site 2-3 times a day for half an hour at a time, so I'm always happy and willing to help, especially when its younger members who are asking. I was very fortunate that when I joined TalkChelsea's older and now-defunct sister, CFC-Fans, as a 13 year old, I had a lot of help from the staff team and the likes of Kez and OllieCFC, who are a couple of years older than I am. There are a lot of others members who are my age on this site who'll also be happy to help you 'learn the ropes' - people like LDN Blue, Zashko, sam81292, Cameron and plenty more are only a few years older than you but established members, so don't be afraid to ask :)

But overall, enjoy yourself here!

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