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Bright Orange


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At the start of the season, I think a lot of people were laughing at Petr Cech's bright orange uniform. True, he looks more like a Stabilo Boss highlighter than the world's best goalkeeper, but it was only yesterday that I realised just how effective that shirt is.

This season, we've seen so many players shoot straight down the throat of the Chelsea goalkeeper. Whether this is a coincidence or not is to be argued, but whenever I watch Chelsea and see the opposition create a clear chance such as a one-on-one, the player shoots too close to the goalkeeper to seriously worry us. Yesterday, we saw Keiron Dyer waste two excellent chances by finding nothing but Cech's midriff. And then we look back across the season at players who have wasted good chances to score; Rory Delap could have put Stoke 2-0 up at Stamford Bridge but his shot was too close to the goalkeeper. Dirk Kuyt could have put Liverpool back in the lead just seconds after Ivanovic headed us level. Jo shot straight at the goalkeeper when clean through on Wednesday for Everton, Agbonlahor shot too close to the Czech when we went to Villa Park, and even as far back as Portsmouth on the opening day, the goalkeeper denied Younes Kaboul with his feet when one-on-one with the former Tottenham man.

Basically, what I'm saying is that it works. He might look ridiculous, but he is spot on. Seeing a 6 foot 6 brigt orange blur running at you really is off-putting for even the most composed finisher. And when the sun is shining as brightly as it was yesterday, the Czech looks like a raging inferno. So yes, he looks like a pillock, but its brilliant engineering by Adidas. Kudos to them.

What's for the encore? Pink stripes and flourescent purple?
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It does make it easier to spot him among the grey and red and black etc.last game of the season he should go for the whole brightness...orange socks and shorts

I think we defo need another bright kit!I mean Wigan have caught on with their bright yellow lol more ooooo

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Interesting,why Cech don't use in this season away goalkeeper shirt?


Away is misleading, its really a second shirt. We've not had any bright orange colour clashes so he therefore doesn't have to change.

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lol when i saw that he wore the Orange against Man Utd, i then realised "Hang on a minute, he aint gonna wear the blue all season"

He started with Orange Shirt, Orange Shorts and Black Socks, now he's changed to Black Shorts and Orange Socks. He does have the full shabang of orange if he wants it lol, maybe he dont like the full lot.

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He started off with orange shorts but then he changed it to black as he said he couldn't realise where his legs were..

Hahaha...still last day of the season..still think he should do the works..be his last chance really cause doubt he'll wana for the FA Final

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To be honest... If you think about it, most of the players aren't really all that good, at one on one with a keeper, not like Anelka or Drogba or Rooney (He is :P). But if people want to actually want to say it's the kit doing it, then fine. Be my guest. I just think it's kinda stupid. And we'll really see how good the kit is against Barcelona tomorrow :)

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