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After a year I am back, being right and sad


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A year ago I left this forum as a protest from sucking JM. Back then I made the following statements:

- RA have lost his interest in his previous toy - CFC after obtaining a new one - a young girlfriend;

- This plus his general low IQ means very bad news for CFC;

- CFC won't win anything in 2007-2008 season;

- Grant and Arnesen are impostors;

- Kenyon is a cynical ass-kisser.

All my definitions and predictions have been proved right after a year.

Now I am back to state the obvious:

- Chelsea is a decent team and Scolari is a decent coach but they do not fit each other, Chelsea need a different coach or Phil needs a different team; neither is going to happen;

- Scolari has successfully changed Chelsea's style - from 'boring' and efficient and winning to just simply pathetic.

- The team now has two first class players: JT and Lamp, some second class but decent like Mikel, Anelka and Bosingwa, the whole bunch of useless 'formers' like Ballack and, sorry, Deco. All the rest are just should not play in a club like that.

- There are no talented youngsters at all, thanks to Mr. Arnesen.

- While MU and Liverpool were steadily making their staff stronger, Chelsea became a hostage of RA's 'save money' policy, acquiring mostly free garbage, ending up without a third choice farward at all, which is complete shame even for a Championship side;

- CFC will be out of CL in the next round and finish third in EPL after MU and Liver, only because Wenger is even bigger idiot than RA and Villa is not ready yet;

- RA will try to sell CFC, which might be the best thing that has happened to the club in two years;

- JM's work in Inter, while not perfect or finished, shows who is worth what.

Merry Christmas (sorry, no happy New Year again).

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I assume you meant the sacking of JM , rather than sucking him off....

Ehh, what I actually meant is that sacking JM for refusing to suck off RA (what other board... mhh ... members did then and keep doing now no matter what happens to the team) by sucking off life from him (JM) and the team, sucked then and still sucks now. Is that better? :eyebrows:

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