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  1. every footballer has his weaknesses but how can he be match fit if he only played 45 min in pre season behind closed doors i would say poor management from everton point of view
  2. on the forum everybody Always say we bought him for 18 mil POUNDS in the belgian press they say it was 10 mil + 7mil add-ons EURO'S so who is right. i would say you are all wrong because you all believe what you read in the press everybody is whining he talks to much,yes you read a lot about him now you read a story in another context as 2 weeks ago and you all say he talked again. maybe the press has nothing else to wright about. 1 thing i agree with he Always seem to say the wrong things. what he really needs is a pr-manager who knows what to say and when to shut his mouth
  3. do i think lukaku will be sold : yes are they going to get the reported 40M : no not even close at the moment he's not even worth half of that if mourinho gets more then 25M for him then he did a terrific job
  4. i agree he's anything but a complete striker and he's first touch is awful but to say origi is better is overreacting if origi had played the first 60 min he wouldn't do much better then lukaku because the team was sleeping
  5. he didn't get 1 decent ball like origi got yes he's first touch was again awful but for me no striker in the world looks good with a slow midfield with chadli and dembele who really slows a game
  6. if you see his games at everton he messed up 1 attack and some people bitch about it. pienaar,barkley, and mirallas fuck everything up there play is to slow, and Always go for own glory they avoid lukaku's runs would lukaku do better at Chelsea? a lot better
  7. moyes must have a killer contract every other team in the EPL would have sacked him already
  8. if he would got the service he would definitly had scored yesterday but the service from midfield to striker was poor their midfield was selfish
  9. to be fully match fit for 90 min you need a run off games, when was the last time he had that. 1st year at Chelsea: not even close 2nd year at west brom: most used as a sub now at everton he gets his run to be match fit since a long time last time he was fully match fit and could play for 90 min was still at anderlecht. when the time is there and he gets finaly match fit, thats the time that he does 90 min what he does now in 45 min
  10. first time impressed after a long time what a few times on the bench can do. now just has to score and mourinho is maybe the person to get torres back to his form we all want to see
  11. i just hope to win and to see a striker finally score to boost their confidence
  12. why would he come back this season he likes it there at the moment, the fans like him and well we have 3 (exellent) strikers who couldn't hit the stadium if they where standing 3 feet off it for me he can stay there this season because there he gets the appreciation he deserves
  13. i've read an interview that players under 22 dont get many chances in first squad so that means lukaku will be loaned out again next season maybe by then he doesn't want to play here anymore because he is getting the feeling that he never will get his spot in the squad
  14. i've seen the entire game his link up play was good first touch was good for me he was exellent great goal only 1 time he had to shoot faster every one here says he's not ready is deluded
  15. i dont understand some off you guys if i was owned by team A and loaned to team B offcourse i want team B to win. he plays for them at the moment and wants all the best for them. you all should be happy with this quote that means he has a winners mentality no matter witch team he play's for
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