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  1. yeah if they score 3-0 then they will beat us in GD . if they win 2-0 then GD will be the same but number of goal scored will be 38 . 1 less than chelsea
  2. as it stands if everton level up the score arsenal need to win 3-0
  3. I would like to see him doing a Malouda next season. Bad business but good revenge ( at least for me)
  4. I am feeling really sorry for the club, which will be managed by Rafa next season .
  5. we played against a shittiest team in the league at Bridge. Squad rotation was obvious and I see no problem in that. Rafa's team selection was not a problem. Every big club should manage to win against minnows like QPR at their own backyard with their second string team.
  6. Throughout the match we are outstanding. but last 25 minutes are just unreal
  7. Solid defense. but unspectacular attacking third
  8. unthinkable, absurd and ridiculous . embarrassed and disgusted. why we always try to become a laughing stock !!!!!!!!!!
  9. backing torres for long long time , but i am sad to say he can fuck off.
  10. Pep >> RDM. but I like RDM to stay here and succeed. He is our "homegrown" manager and I will feel proud if he can achieve a lot in this club. And so far he is doing alright.
  11. exceptional attacking display , simply mindblowing. Honestly score card simply does not reflect the class of our attack.
  12. storming into ref room and abusing him --I am afraid that we have to pay a very high price for that
  13. last 15 minutes we showed the scums how to play good football. I never saw united being so ass fucked in recent times.
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