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  1. he cries like a baby at the end ahhaha
  2. pappapapa doudoudou ahahhhaah
  3. hahaaahahhahhahahahha it's not hip hop that hahahahahha
  4. he deserves a standing ovation for only this match . Mikel you are maybe not world class but you are a player for Chelsea
  5. juko

    Petr Cech

    same kind of save as Courtois
  6. oh thanks for these informations
  7. i don't find this one. where did you find it
  8. thank you very much romper . i'm going to see right now
  9. you are going to speak till infinity
  10. Give me your favourite jazz rap song (if possible from the 90's)
  11. his lyrics are well worked but he comes too late to be considered a great rapperq. Everybody says he 's shit
  12. juko


    He's scared to come in Europe. he is so overrated and can only play in Brazil with shit defences
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