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  1. I'm still alive so that's something . Though I'm still recovering from Gentse Feesten and Lokerse Feesten. How are you doing?
  2. Found it really interesting, nicely done! Loved the examples you used .
  3. Ludogorets really deserves respect for the way they've been playing. They played well and were able to cause some serious trouble to Madrid (and pool). But lets also not forget that Madrid had a valid goal unrightfully ruled out for offside. Don't just take a bad call against Ludogorets to make a statement whilst completely ignoring the other bad call that went in their favour.
  4. Didn't think it was possible but the comments are pissing me off more than the match. Cringe worthy to say the least.
  5. The detriment is gone? Has it finally happened?! Praise everything!!!
  6. That was so beautiful, I have tears in my eyes.
  7. Haha, hadn't thought about that! If Suarez bites Pepe (or even just tries to) there will be no more Suarez.
  8. I now know where you got your trolling skills from . EDIT: if it makes you feel better: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/
  9. Studying for my exams, I can really relate to this song (it's a really amazing parody )
  10. I really liked Missandei this episode. Nice 'character development' :eyebrows:.
  11. What's even more disturbing than that picture is the fact that the guy in the picture actually looks like you .
  12. Woah, lots of people I know are so mad. Can't wait to show them my smug face in an hour .
  13. @KevinAshburner, Lord Woodfurnace, why did you not answer the questions of WHS? Are you withholding information from us? Do you hate him? Is he banished from your lands ? So many questions, so little time!!!!!
  14. Not if they keep drawing at this rate. EDIT: but normally yes
  15. The Holy Spirit has talked to you! All hail our new Overlord / Illuminati toy / Midget porn lover!
  16. Best. Trailer. Ever! (spoiler alerts for people who haven't seen seasons 1-3 yet)
  17. I just heard it's 2 transfer windows (summer 2014 and winter 2015), so basically 1 season.
  18. @KevinAshburner, I'm so honoured to be part of your team . Move over Stingray, I got a new favourite member .
  19. I thought this was the Lukaku thread, boy was I wrong! At least I'm getting some accounting lessons, so I got that going for me .
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