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  1. In italy Newspapers talk about a possibility that Conte join Inter. It's fine that he is a professional, but he can not go from those prescribed failures of Milan. We are super happy with Allegri, Antonio must remain At Chelsea.
  2. Congratulations Chelsea! Antonio i knew he could not fail
  3. how can you not love him ??? I'm happy for him, I was sure that in England he did the same thing he did in Italy ... Beat all with obvious supremacy
  4. this is my post on February .... 9 months ago.... click for the entire message Antonio (like my name ) is the Number 1
  5. Antonio has built from scratch the defense of Juventus relying completely on a player like Barzagli. He has completely evolved Chiellini and Bonucci game making them excellent defenders. It also managed to improve Marchisio and if the defense of Juventus today is so competitive it is only thanks to Antonio. It has also managed to integrate perfectly even Simone Pepe and has always given confidence to the people who put heart and will as Giaccherini Matri quagliarella. The extraordinary ability of Antonio is to always keep the tension and concentration at the highest level, when Juventus made o
  6. I confirm absolutely you can already put your signature.
  7. best wishes for your new adventure antonio !! I will watch EVERY week YOUR chelsea !!
  8. We beat Dortmund without conceding a goal in 180 minutes and we made five, indeed only an own goal for dortmund, we beat Real Madrid and we played with Barcelona until that damn penalty not whistled just before the Suarez goal of 2 to 1 .... This year we beat City 2 times and recovered a very difficult match against Bayern who scored 1 irregular goal, with a penalty not given for vidal hands We are not complaining Allegri. I just explained how things went, and if Juve will come out champions in 2 weeks is just because he met with Bayern, no matter how you stay in the competition, but aga
  9. Ok, it seems that Antonio is going to get to London Count is an absolute perfectionist. He wanted to win the Champions League at all costs, all the trophies, always wants the best, has even managed to get the juventus to 102 points and win a championship without losing a game !!! . After the bitter defeat against bayern munchen in 2013 was no longer the same, he wanted players of a certain level, but as you know Juventus nowadays can not afford certain salaries. He has had some disagreements with the company on Sanchez, who obviously were not able to take. Convinced that we would not have
  10. I read the news here in Italy where it seems that Conte will become the next coach of Chelsea .... by Juventus fan ... and one that literally he loved juventus.of Conte ... if Antonio arrives at chelsea, first of all, Chelsea will return competitive, of that I am sure at 100 %. Second thing ... I will follow Chelsea every week, Conte is a tornado the best motivator I've ever seen...is special If Antonio Conte arrives, they can already deliver the premier league cup. I hope for you. ps.: sorry for my bad english :/
  11. Bonucci occasionally score and is a player much more mediatic than Barzagli. He often makes a lot of interviews and has a great attitude. Barzagli never does interviews and does not score, but technically, defensively is the best of all
  12. in italy everybody consider Barzagli the best defender one of the absolute protagonists of the last 3 scudetto's now i hope to meet PSG at the quarter finals
  13. In a match, history does not count nothing... if a team is stronger at that time, wins.... juve or chelsea, tonight..... history is useless but what is even talk of match fix scandal makes me laugh ... :D someone is left behind with the developments, Important developments last year that changed the history of 2006. Juventus has a centuries-old history with more than 60 trophies and 9 baloons d'or.... I do not think its necessary to add another but a match...is a match.. history is useless. So...win the best and anyone outside has a serious chance of winning the europa league
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