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  1. First thing to do: sell torres Better without strikers that with him ! however, hope to see El Tigre with the blue shirt at the end of January
  2. Why all the other big clubs in europe always manage to remain at high levels while our must always struggle so much? This is really frustrating ! :-\
  3. Damiao is a good player but even better are the Brazilian commentators. I love them! For 18/20 million would be a very good purchase.
  4. No, I'm not a spoiled child and I probably overreacted... but you would not be at least in part, agree with me. Our team, this year, was built to defend the beloved champions league but we have not been able to overcome even the group in a comfortable way .
  5. Can't believe ... the first champions of europe leaving at the groups stages. Embarrasing.... really embarrassing... Europe League, what a shame
  6. van persie had to be thrown out ! FA must do something !
  7. babeul


    Excellent match of Oscar, he has always made intelligent passes showing also an excellent technique but today, the star was Neymar.
  8. I only hope to see some more verticalizations. If we can pass the ball to the attacker, of course, we would be able to create more chances to goals.
  9. A really bad game, only a few verticals towards the attacker and they were slow and without ideas. Luckily it was the pre season! KTBFFH :blue scalf:
  10. what a difference with Marin! :blue scalf:
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