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  1. I see him and torres equal ... may be torres is a lil bit better that's MOP
  2. do any one notice ... what if we kept moses and marin instead of willian ..... !!! I think it would be better... I'm not pushing willian out but he needs time beside we had moses so I don't see why we got him YET
  3. OK let's talk .... schwarzer = if it's not for that cracky clearnce in the beggining of the match I would say he's superb bertrand = great berformance I liked the sprint he did in 2nd half and BA passed to him on the left flank LUIZ = I like when he takes the ball and try to build up from the back line, I always like him when he is in midfield cahil = thumbs up JT = C . L . L .. what more can I say azpi = TBH IMO he deserve to be our No.1 right back, Ivanovic can play as CB or backup RB MVG= he was lost in that match befoer getting injured . needs more time Essien = was my 2nd MOTM ... real
  4. as I understand he request to move away to WBA ! but no one at chelsea wanted him to go there ... don't know why ! so he moved to everton . which imo will be way better than WBA ... I wish him all the good luck ! --------- he still lack 1 on 1 skills but he is very impressive in team work ... so let's hope he came back to be super striker he is only 20 .. and got too much time to impress
  5. I hope so ... I meant Toress was injured before coming to chelsea squad never seen him playing well for enough time between the time he injured and the time he signed for us ..... same here for villa ... but as u said , since he'll sign for less than that amount of big money ..... yeah nobody will feel bad if he was playing shitty .... ------------------------ Yup .... they are the most close club to sign him ...
  6. I feel like villa will B the next toress if he will sign for us it's just a feeling though..
  7. yeah & I found this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2261617/Atletico-Madrid-keen-signing-Fernando-Torres.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490 hope it's going to happen
  8. yeah his careless mistakes cost us the game last night ... but remembering his goal against napoli in CL last season made me smile ... till now ...
  9. well I think he's right luiz with lampard/rambo actually don't like mikel cuz he doesn't participate in attacking
  10. the good thing is it explains how was the atmosphere inside the club and between the players ... can I get the link of this on the times website ?? if possible ... thanx
  11. ^^^^^ like this post over here... most of chelsea fans hated torres especially after that mind blowing miss in the CWC final , and I admit it I'm one of them ... I mean I don't hate him personally but come on !! he is taking the team down most of the time ... but tbh when he moves around the box or inside it the team plays way better, otherwise we would look like playing with 10 players as we saw in a couple of matches under RDM ... my point is if he create spaces for him and his mates we would be the ultimate attacking team !!
  12. when I said " cech always play games even Capital one games !!cech always play games even Capital one games !! " I meant there's no a very good GK in our squad except Cech ... about the rotation: look at Man U Lindegard & De Gea that's what I mean ------------------ put in mind that cech going to have a surgery in the summer so ... u don't know what's gonna happen ..
  13. jumped to the roof of my room when he missed that one !! we need a lethal striker .... don't care if he stayed or lift ... but don't want him to play that much games ...
  14. it wasn't meaningful goals if I was right ..!! but whatever .... we need to win !!
  15. I know it's a miracle to have ROMEU back soon ... but I'm just wishing.. made this for him #CFC pic.twitter.com/bE5Najh2 just posted that on twitter few minutes ago !
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