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  1. Weed is for degenerates tbh You should totes come back to Oatey sea fam
  2. oh ya btw EBH isn't some Colombian drug cartel guy he's just some Indian guy from Australia You've all been played
  3. The Proletariat must not be disarmed, especially by a liberal bourgeois state.
  4. Kroos would never leave Bayern but Kroos > Schweinsteiger
  5. Huntelaar is a class player, he can fit in well with English clubs. I don't understand why people are underating Schalke? They reached the semifinals in the Champions league last season knocking out Inter 5-1 and won the German cup? Schalke are indeed a big club and a huge threat to the title, and the only other German club other than Bayern that is a threat in Europe.
  6. And he was happy with a change of management. All he did when Heynkes first arrived was constantly praise him. And yes the payment increase came during Van Gaals era. And to be fair, most of the clubs he played for were in his youth career, he's only played for 3 clubs in his major career.
  7. My point is, during the Van Gaal era of Bayern, Ribery and Van Gaal had their differences and would often argue with eachother. Many players left the club because of the way they were treated. When Heynkes came, it was almost like a renaissance for Bayern. He treated the players well and such.
  8. The term huns toward Rangers and their fans started when a newspaper in Glasgow described Rangers and their fans as barbaric huns. It got picked up from there. Rangers fans retaliate by calling them Fenian bastards.
  9. IIRC, the high wages was just a way to get him to stay at Bayern, due to the way Louis van Gaal treated him. Schweinsteiger wasn't even in his prime when his contract extension was taking place. Bayern aren't one to sell their stars.
  10. My bad, I worded it poorly. I meant a thread on it. Schweinsteiger said once that he wants to retire with Bayern. And also Ribery had huge contract troubles, and he's now one of the most loyal Bayern players. I just can't see it happening unless he pulls a Beckenbaur/Beckham
  11. Not trying to sound harsh or such but I have no idea why it is even being discussed. It's almost as if trying to get Messi to join. Schweinsteiger is one of those stay in one club for life players.
  12. They did make chants for us and tried to start a special friendship between Spurs and Bayern, but after the champions league, they all disappeared
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