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  1. Man you gotta love David Luiz!!! First to stand his ground against the fuckin ref and then that troll face. OH MY GOD he's def having fun playing! Totally deserved win thanks to great tactics by Rafa. After all the season may not be such a desaster! Now to celebrate!!!
  2. We should fear Berbatov. If we challenge him physically and manage to keep him isolated we have much better chances to win this game. Also, I don't know what's happening with Kerim Frei. Haven't watched him really but I remember well the past couple of games when he made our defense look like training cones...
  3. We could see the contrast between sublime and average in our game in just 90 minutes.
  4. I have watched him a couple of times with La Rojita. He really is talented, I mean he's a Spanish Mid - that's enough praise.
  5. Ba fits in perfectly. I was a tiny bit pesimistic about this signing but yes indeed he looked great today (+ he fuckin scores). Should have let him complete his hattrick from the spot IMO Great comeback, apart from the first quarter of the match we were kinda brilliant.
  6. One of the very few to show some passion, determination and desire yesterday.
  7. I have never seen him as a potential starter for us. Yeah, he could have easily replaced or rotated with Torres if the managers had some more balls, but that's not the solution as summer comes and then the blue fairytale ends for him. Although, I believe he's overrated by some fans (being an Englishman may be a reason), I wish him all the best in his career. I hope that at Liverpool he'll develop and mature and thus become the world class STRIKER everyone wanted him to be. Best of luck to the lad, any sensible young person put in his position would do the same. If he scores a winner against U
  8. When the team is in such a good run I just can't wait for the next game, but I'm having an eye on the Manchester's games too.
  9. If the result was different I would blame him for the two wasted opportunities (the misscontrol in the box and the counter 90+ min). However, now I prefer to look at the positives. His general link-up play was good and he participated in the build-up play for both goals. Additionally, he won a fair amount of headers, although Distin who by the way had a great game was bossing him for the majority of the game. If that is not enough we can console ourselves with Rafa's cliche 'He does a great job defending corners'. Haha fair enough. I hope all the Ba talk is true and he pushes Torres to his li
  10. Maybe we can afford to rest him alongside Mata for the QPR game next year haha
  11. We're so lucky. The best player in the league for me and a pleasure to watch. You can bully him physically, but later on he'll find a way to humiliate you. His importance for the team cannot be highlighted enough and after every game I'm convinced of that.
  12. Would love him for a back up, or something more that that, who knows... What's the situation with his knees, though? Never heard about this problem of his.
  13. Guess who's back? Back again? Chelsea's back. In the title race.
  14. Why is everyone bashing Mata? He's the best player in white on the pitch?! Of course for the first 20 minutes everyone was a laughing stock because we couldn't keep the ball for more than 10 seconds, but it was Mata, Ramires and Luiz who started the comeback.
  15. On theory we should be able to defeat this Everton side with ease. I prefer Moses starting the game, in my opinion he's doing an exceptional job since Rafa took over, but Rami's speed is lethal on counters. For some reason, I am expecting a lot from Hazard today, it's just a feeling. However, bottom line is - if we're clinical in front of goal, we'll have a happy Sunday. 1-3 is my prediction. (Hazard, Torres, Lampard)
  16. Hate to say this, but if Lukaku scores a winner against Utd, he'll become more important to our team than Torres, and that's without even playing for us. Imagine this: Fergie time, corner kick for WBA, De Gea doesn't know what he's doing, far post header aaaaaaaaaaaand it's in! Ooooh I can feel it in my balls.
  17. We'll manage to steal 3 points from Goodison Park. We simply have to. City will have a tough time with Norwich and Lukaku's gonna rape United's defence. Finishing the year in style is essential and it will boost the players' confidence about a possible tittle race. Rafa knows how to beat Everton.
  18. Zach Galifianakis, Jonah Hill... yeah you get the idea. Oh, and of course Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow) haha
  19. Yeah it was a nice touch from Rafa and it really takes some balls to do so. However, he could have ruined the poor lad's Chelsea career by putting him on while we were defending a corner in the dying minutes of the game. Had Bassong scored that header I would have been the first to blame Nathan as he was doing absolutely nothing at the far post. I hope we'll see more from him as well from Piazon.
  20. Hard challenge but I guess it can't be compared with Ashley Williams attempt of "killing RVP"...
  21. I really like him at that position, but you can see him taking some weird positions during matches. His shooting today kinda pissed me off, I guess he's trying to replicate his free-kick technique but it's harder when the ball is moving
  22. Does anyone know when and against who we play our extra game in the league? Everton this weekend is massive as I can see both Manchester teams losing points to West Bromwich and Norwich.
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