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  1. Stop, you know what he was referring to when he capitalized the entire word.
  2. The English use the term SOCCER as well. Thank you for contributing xenophobic content for the forum. I'm sure the mods appreciate that. As a season ticket holder for NYCFC, it was an honor to see him play his final days in person. He was clearly past it and couldn't keep up with the work rate of the league overall, but was still doing the only thing he knows best - getting into the box and scoring. He's the reason why we finished #2 in the east when David Villa went through his drought and there were MVP talks before he became injured (again). Honored to say I watched Frank Lampard play
  3. Can we stop calling our formation with Pedro/Fab a 352 when Fab was clearly the RF in our 343?
  4. Haven't you people ever heard of google?
  5. You're going to blame him for going back to his boyhood club? With Keita leaving, he's going to be the direct backup to Busquets. We knew this could happen, he hinted at possibly returning 1-2 times during the season. Don't be bitter. Not to mention it's a good bit of business by the club to make ~4m for 5 months of playing.
  6. Nothing would be signed and be put on the official websites yet even if the fee and personal terms were agreed to That has nothing to do with it.
  7. That is not our EVA!!! Are you people blind???
  8. Get the fuck outta here. That is blatantly a different person. Her eyebrows, nose (nostrils and point), chin, and cheekbones are all different. Not to mention they don't even look like the same person. Am I the only 1 that notices this?
  9. Where are you getting that from?
  10. So now my 2 favorite players, Luiz and Mata, won't be coming over for the tour and I won't be able to say I saw them play.
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