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  1. I think you don't know the concept of "truth". I'm fairly sure I know better which team I support than you. For what its worth, I have not made a single post regarding AVB to get the sack. At most I reposted a joke about a loan on Bolton. I do not believe however, that he is the right man. I think we made a mistake with him. Oh no, stop the presses, somebody wished anothers death with light-hearted intent on the INTERNET, which is notorious for idiots and trolls. Your reaction is really embarrassing tbh, you act as if I sneaked in his house and stabbed him to death.
  2. "there are posters who can leave their reputation intact" -you Then you proceed to call others insults.
  3. FFS, so its ok to tell someone he isn't a fan but its not to make a light-hearted joke over the internet?
  4. You're not only a giant idiot, you're also full of shit. You're probably the type of person who only thinks "real fans" are such as yourself, who do not dare say/do something negative. I'd wish you a happy new year, but to be honest id rather have you die in your bed tonight.
  5. Yes, because I'm basing my anger on this result rather than Arsenal (h), Liverpool (h), Aston Villa (h), Fulham (h), Wigan (a) etc Were those sides also Barselona-esque and impossible to play against?
  6. You think my comments are "not worthy" of Chelsea? What exactly should they be? "Oh, yes, I am so glad Chelsea was demolished at home to Aston Villa, and look! We narrowly escaped another boring draw against Wolves! Hurray, what a great time to watch us. AVB is an absolutely outstanding manager"
  7. Why should I or anyone else shut up? We pay money to watch Chelsea and are entitled to our opinion as much as you are. Mine is that he's a very mediocre coach, his tactics are poor and he will drag us down. We, as a squad are better than to be losing matches against that sort of opposition at home, tying against relegation sides, etc. Every game I watch now is like the final Everton game under Carlo.
  8. The tactics AVB puts out with our current team are not only boring but also very ineffective.
  9. Why is it impossible? Correct me if I'm wrong, but he's 29, and Wenger would defo sell someone with only 3 years at the top for megabucks (ie 40-50m)
  10. Hulk is nowhere near as good as Aguero IMO If we only had a time machine
  11. We already have enough mediocrity in our midfield.
  12. So much this! Unbelievable that people think high possession = domination. We are so crap under AVB, irrelevant of lose, tie, or win. Our performances are just so poor, our aim is not winning the game, it's passing the ball without any purpose. Constant late defensive mistakes, I am so tired of them.
  13. I'm under the illusion that AVB gives specific tactics and instructions to every player and motivates them prior to the game. Well he's doing a shite job.
  14. Did I say that Man U playing shite = sign of champion? No, so stop putting words in my mouth
  15. Are you serious? Another poor performances against relegation tier side.
  16. Ramires wouldn't have started in our "prime" midfield a few years ago, when we were on par with today's Barcelona and Madrid, who he also wouldn't start for right now. Not taking away anything from him though, great player.
  17. Once again proves that he ain't good enough for Chelsea. We will be fifth come the final game.
  18. Chelsea is as likely to get Lahm as I am to get a girlfriend this year.
  19. There is no messiah apart from Mourinho, who could take a chunk of shit and turn in into CL spot contenders. I'd gladly have Hiddink or Carlo atm though, both would do better jobs than AVB but unfortunately we have shot ourselves in the foot and are now stuck with a mediocre scout and a fear of being the laughing stock of the media (again) Sad that the compo is going to cost another 15m should the axe fall, Roman once again proving that he just cannot make the correct decisions.
  20. Hd123


    There are set phrases for every character in skyrim, and the vast majority of guards repeat the line "I used to be like you until.. Arrow in the knee" etc. It was quite hilarious seeing so many guards who were all adventurers just like you, but then had to seek other opportunities due to a knee injury Nevertheless, people who use this meme regularly are the dullest fuckers in the entire land.
  21. Yes, we have had lots of individual errors, but why is that? Why, for years we were the most defensively solid team, with top concentration levels, able to hold a one goal lead at tough away fixtures with ease and comfort. Did all the players suddenly become so error prone within three months? Or is it the tactics, motivation, training which is contributing into poor defensive displays?
  22. Yes, surely this will stop us conceding ridiculous goals in every game and shipping 3 at home. Congratulations AVB, in less than half a year you have turned us into Arsenal.
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