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  1. always been one of his biggest fans, hes been phenomenal of late and in this the biggest game of his career he gave his best performance AND HE STOLE THE MIC FROM THAT ASSHOLE SHREEVES! mikel is proper chels
  2. my voice is positively destroyed from singing so much and i still havent fully realized what we've done unbelievable
  3. messi is a cheater and very petulant, he whined to get put in the centre and whines whenever he gets deployed in a way he doesnt like or the formation is something he doesnt like. so i really dont like him but also: busquets dani alves masquerado (master of the shirt pull and dirty tackle to get the ball then diving right after) xavi cuz he is the most arrogant greasy eurosnob in football which says something pepe cuz he's malicious same with steven hunt, cattermole and shawcross evra's a huge bitch suarez a classless cunt i used to not like cristiano but he's grown up a lot since he left un
  4. You might be wrong! Crazier things have happened than a squad like ours lifting the Champions League trophy! Just imagine though!!! The haters would really have a hard time with us then hahaha
  5. Man that was a sensational game of football. top 10 for me, all time. My love for the club has been renewed and more. I'll admit I didn't expect us to win but I didn't really expect us to lose either. I know better than to question the passion and drive of these men, too. Seen it manifest on the pitch too many times and this was just another show of why I love this club and these players so. Absolutely tremendous effort. oh and here's my player ratings Cech: 8.5 Ivanovic: 8.5 Luiz: 8.5 Terry: 8.0 Cole: 8 Essien: 7.0 Lampard: 7.0 Ramires: 7.0 Mata: 6.0 Sturridge: 5 Drogba: 9 MOTM Torres: 8 Bosi
  6. Head and specifically jaw enlargement along with an enlargement of major joints and muscle groups happens immediately, but bloat also happens after training is reduced or after stopping injections (or just getting old) you can see messi's head gets bigger especially his jaw but its not that noticeable yet because of his age and also that he isn't very big to begin with. but if you compare maradona's head in early 20s to 10 years older, you can see it.. and now he's been off the injections for a while it is impossible not to see its just funny though, the world of football is so different than
  7. Hey guys remember how many players we've had with fitness issues during the poor run of form? Now we're way more healthy, so there's another reason to be hopeful! Come on boys, we gotta have belief
  8. I've really been liking what RDM has brought to the club as the manager. His approach is what we need, tough and disciplined but fair and methodical. He is also a former player and big name in the club so that holds major weight. I would be happy to see him continue to manage us into next season.
  9. a journo who's very close to barca speaks on their practice of using hgh as part of routine treatments for their players and thats referring to players that don't even have a history of "legal" use of HGH injections. just watch, as messi gets old he's gonna pick up so many injuries and and get fat quickly because he has an unnatural amount of hormones. and he's not the only one doping, thats for sure.. but he is the only one being praised as this God of sport even though he is as dirty as the average, if not moreso, and doesn't mind a good bit of handball on the pitch either!
  10. Remember when we didn't have a ramshackle squad of 3rd choice transfer targets? I do too. Still think we got a lot of quality but even more character in the locker room. We need to lean on that experience and character, gut out this result, and get it done. I think we will. Definitely doesn't hurt to be optimistic.
  11. Evra, the guy is a huge douche. He's so arrogant.
  12. Ronaldo, Maradona, Lamps, JT, Eidur, Cech, Drogs, Mikel, Essien, Balotelli, Zola, Bergkamp, Cafu, Riquelme and Cristiano (since he's matured he's grown on me a lot)
  13. Prove he had to take HGH. Prove he still has to, constantly. Thats a bunch of bullshit. Cristiano is a better player anyway, and he hasn't been openly doping since the onset of puberty. There are many players that could be as good as Messi with all that La Masia medical teams, nutrition and coaching.
  14. Yeah and he still has the growth problem (that didn't even get diagnosed until age 11) still, even as recently as a few weeks ago! Do you think he still has a growth problem? HE IS ON HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE it is even stronger than any steroid. And Barca admits it. they admit they dose him for recovery AND training. when he was younger he was no more frail than cristiano was, and age 11 is a very late diagnosis. get over it buddy, MESSI IS A CHEATER and Barca is a corrupt organization. Who diagnosed him? and at age 11 i'm sure he already showed some potential as a footballer.. maybe he just nee
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