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  1. Can a mod ban me so I don't have access to these forums anymore? + There's only like 50-60 active members lmao, and there's only 3 decent people who aren't fuckheads like the rest on here. Dave30, Justin and Choulo. The rest of the time the forum is dead. Cya later you mongs. Bhahaha
  2. Wtf it wasn't me that started this? lmao. LDN piss off you cunt.
  3. It seems like he's being wasted. Not in the squad for Sunderland, not in the Champions League squad and unlikely to play against United. Yes, he's a talent but talent need game time and I don't see Chelsea offering him that much of it. We most likely bought him so another club doesn't buy him. My $0.2
  4. I knew someone would say that, it was inevitable. Please elaborate on your statement on how Christianity promotes those acts.
  5. ..."Islam is all about peace"....Lmao, spat out my drink when I read this. Islam, the Religion that promotes pedophilia, raping, murder and death to whoever leaves Islam. Also, this is the group from that website that I posted about earlier, Muslims against Crusades. Lock em up ffs.
  6. PMSL. Also, RIP to the thousands dying in Libya at the moment.
  7. Is the Torres conundrum the biggest problem we've ever faced?
  8. I'll take a scrappy win or draw against U*ited. I hate that club, their fans, their players and even their stadium.
  9. R.I.P to the victims of 9/11/01
  10. Beast


    Rain creates itself because that's how God made the cycle.
  11. Beast


    Aliens are fallen angels/demons in disguise. Listen from 1:00 to 3:50
  12. Beast


    I just can't see how male and female were made so perfect for each other without someone creating them, how the Earth has a magnetic shield to protect us without someone creating it, how gravity is there to keep us from floating without someone creating it and this one is a bit hard to explain but i'll do my best. Everything on Earth needs water, right? Animals, Humans, plants, etc..God knows we need these things so he created rain, so it provides water for us. I just don't see how the condensation of rain would create itself, because it was made perfect for things on Earth.
  13. Beast


    Come at me bruhhhhhhhh
  14. Beast


    Christianity was founded back in 30 AD if i'm not wrong. Emperor Constantine was born sometime in early 300 AD... Here's a challenge. If you or anyone else think the Bible is wrong, take one chapter, just one, and prove it wrong. It still hasn't been proven wrong in 2000 or so years. It's the most perfect book ever written. If you do manage it, you'll disprove God and become a billionaire at the same time.
  15. Why do you come onto a Torres thread and expect people to talk about things other than Torres?
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