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  1. I dont give a fuck, banned or not im telling the truth.
  2. Ok man bravo you can suck a dick now go on.
  3. Men were put on this earth to make children with women. If everyone on earth was gay we wouldnt exist.
  4. So what? U saying im disgraceful and gay people are not WTF???
  5. People that say that being gay is normal in this forum are lying. Deep down inside we all know being gay is not normal but sick, im just getting straight to the point of what i feel. Gays are sick people thats it.
  6. Great Performance by England MOTM Parker IMO
  7. WOW little too much there XD hahaha
  8. Scott Parker is playing very good in England and also in Tottenham. Good holding midfielder
  9. Milner did a horrendous challenge on ramos, if he tackled harder it would have been an injury.
  10. Abramovich had no patience he should of let Carlo stay. When he dropped Carlo he should of gotten Guus Hiddink. Im sure Hiddink would of done a great job AVB is good but compared to Hiddink and Carlo he isnt But the season is not done so you cant really judge
  11. The guy talking in the trailer is Tommy Vercetti from Vice city (but im not sure though)
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