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  1. I don't know whats so funny about that any real fans knows we need players on those positions bar the ST maybe. But let's play Cahill and Terry in all our matches and Zouna as sub, Schurrle and Willian battleing for a RW spot and play Mikel and Ake each time one Matic is out.
  2. Watching Costa today makes it debatable in my opinion.
  3. He might if he would of been played on a weekly basis to get on form..
  4. We always are unlucky to say atleast, we lost 2 points because of fucking Lampard, one shit goal from Van Persie in stoppage time and missing like mad in Suderland.
  5. Lol, if Mourinho would actually fucking play Remy more it might be different.
  6. You don't get my point Mikel to say atleast is not Chelsea material. Simple as that. Ake is to young and we don't know if he is going to make it and Ramires has a lot of ups and downs. Look at Bayern they have players like Alonso as third option while we go with Mikel and actually expect be on the same rank as Bayern and Madrid. Truth is we need fucking dept, good subs and we need a fucking good RW.
  7. I told you what the team needs. If your a Terry or Cahill fanboy and only think about our legends than you surely don't know what your talking. We need 3-4 players at must to have a full team because this ain't gonna cope it in 4 competitions.
  8. What a load of BS every great team in the world has atleast 3 world class players in the centre midfield and some good subs. We have 2 world class players and no subs!!?? It's guys like you that piss me off deep down you know Mikel can't do shit with the ball can't pass forward and yet you talk about me wanting someone of Pogba calibre to replace liability players like Mikel.
  9. And your an ignorant Chelsea fan. Anything new?
  10. We need an overhaul in the summer. IMO Atleast one CB, DM, RW and maybe even a ST!! We have no fucking dept in our team it's was bound to happen after using the same team over and over and put some shit players to suplimente those who can't play.
  11. Where are those idiots who said Mikel is good at something? The guy is fucking useless!! Bring the fuck someone like Pogba and get rid of Mikel worst player ever.
  12. Don't let Courtois sacrifice be in vain, win this guys!
  14. Wish we had Reus instead of Schurrle there.
  15. If he gets good money he will be happy to be a bench warmer.
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