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  1. Just read this on the guardian match report. Apparently from an Arsixnil fan but can't vouch for authenticity.... Shows there is more to Diego Costa the person.... "I started following Arsenal in the 70s and I have seen all the ups and downs of this great club. Now my wife and I run an orphanage, a small one on the outskirts of London. We are not rich and it has been very hard to run the place, what with it falling to pieces from wind and rain and the safety of children at stake. I had been let go off my job 2 years back and I've not had the strength in my bones to go back an
  2. Reactions in the media - 'This was expected' , 'Robbie was a only a temp arrangement', 'no surprises here - the results were poor', 'Roman always wanted Pep'. So every one expected this except the fans. And Roman, hiring Pep doesn't make a team Barca - it takes years of sticking together throug thick and thin and a certain La Masia too. I hope Pep has enough self-respect to not take what is possibly the worst managerial position in footbal right now.
  3. Roman is an absolute tool. This is freaking football club not his harem. We won the UCL last season why doens't he juse leave now? I hope no one takes up the job or the players and fans start a revolt or UEFA or FA sanction or relegate us - something, anything to make this mockery end.
  4. I'm so fking pissed with this guy's 'I'll keep you guessing' attitude. He's almost linked himself with everyone in England in the press over the last couple of months. And what's this reality show like bullshit now? I'm not sure if an ego like his is needed in the dressing room. Let him fuck off to Twattenham and play in the Europa league.
  5. Haven't been his biggest fan only because of some of his on-field antics over the years. Thought he didn't have it in him to lead us to glory anymore. But boy have I been proved wrong. A true legend in every possible way. An even greater man off the field. Can't thank you enough Didier.
  6. So happy and proud today. Terry, Lamps, Cech, Drogba and Cole - True legends. Mata and Rami in the making. But I'm most happy for Di Matteo today. What a feeling it must be to do it both as a player and a manager. Take a bow sir!
  7. Need to take Kalou off. He's missed too many chances already.
  8. lmfao... the price of a Wembley final ticket always includes a Didier Drogba goal.... epic
  9. Time to show these classless cunts why Torres and Meirelss chose us over them. Time to show them that their history counts for nothing when it comes to the present. Time to set Queen Kenny's record against us straight. Time for Dr. DD to what he does best at the Wembley. A repeat of the semi final performance against Twattenham would do nicely, thanks.
  10. Time to bring mata and lamps and maybe even drogs. I don't care about the effing fa cup let queen Kenny have the treble - carling cup , FA cup and the kit sponsorship deal. But we have to play cl next season come what may.
  11. Hmm so you like him but would have him join anyone but us? You are, either being sarcastic, or on the wrong forum?
  12. Win it for Roman, make him happy so that he at least gives our manager(s) some f*in time to manage, for a change.
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