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  1. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Happy for Schurlle starting, hope he can show us his quality and make RW his own
  2. @Steve, I was wondering if I would be able to join the fantasy league this year? Unfortuntately I do not have enough posts to PM you
  3. I can't decide between Mata and Ramsey!!!
  4. I agree that rules are rules but I do feel sorry for Legia. They totally outclassed a poor Celtic team. Is this case similar to the one concerning the Sunderland player? Different governing bodies/competitions have different penalties I guess.
  5. I agree that he is our second striker and that is a scary thought for our prospects this season Everyone is saying we need to sell him, but if we actually do it will be miraculous. Who would want such a shit striker!
  6. Do you think it was a bit harsh on Legia given that the player only played 3 minutes and the result was already beyond doubt? Or do you think it was Legia's fault for not checking?
  7. I love Frank and he will always be one of my favourite Chelsea players I think we are all just a bit sad and disappointed that we will be seeing him in a title rivals shirt helping them and not us. However in a years time I am sure everyone will be over it as he will always have a special place in every Chelsea fans hearts
  8. I think that Salah tries to cut inside the pitch too much when he would be better running down the wings with the ball. I don't think he has the neat ball control or technique to cut in side at the moment. So I feel that he is not very effective against defensive teams and is better on the break where he has space. But I guess this is the same for all of our attacking players from last season
  9. Hey Could I join the league please? My team name is The Experts Choice
  10. Hi sorry I did not realise that I had to state my team name. It is The Experts Choice. Would you be able to unban me please
  11. Is there still space to join? I am interested but have never played this before, so I might be really bad haha.
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