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  1. So you already decided that in march-april, we won't have a chance in the champions league because we had a realy bad november? I dont know....in 2008 and 2009 we had some bad times and we got to the final/should go to the final, and we didn't won the PL thoes years too. Oh, and the 2010 champions league winners- Inter Milan, almost lost the italian championship to Rome that season(!) what i'm trying to say is that its way to early to say that we wont get to the semi finals- finals of the CL, and the local competitions not saying much all the time.
  2. I'm optimistic..i mean, if he didnt close with santos after 9 HOURS....
  3. Thats great news! I can feel it already... I wish Carlo will start with neymar eventually this season. Rameirs/mikel ; Essien ; Lampard Neymar ; Drogba ; Malouda Sounds amazing!
  4. Sturridge Sturridge Sturridge Thats what i want for this match.
  5. Thanks! I always search for those videos on youtube...
  6. Is it true that Lampard have a IQ score of 150? Thats realy amazing... i have read that people who have more than 145 are considered has genuises.
  7. I think Balotelli is just what we need, i wish Carlo will think that too before he signs with City.. Balotelli, Malouda, and Drogba will make a fantastic attacking trio. Anelka is a great player, but we need someone better, someone with better technical abilities in this position in our 4-3-3. If we will bring him, or some player like him(Robinio for example), i would say it was a realy sucssesfull summer.
  8. cech Ivanovic Bruma David Luiz/? van Aanholt Matic Mikel Ramires Kakuta Lukaku Sturridge
  9. Now when we will probebly signed Ramires and our midefield looks just great, the only "problematic" position left is the right AM/ right forword. there is three fine players- Anelka, benayoun and Kalou, but i dont know if they good enough to help us to win the CL that we want, and reachieve our double in 2010. What do you think? Carlo have to add another player, or that Anelka-kaluo-benayoun, or even Kakuta are good enough? Ill be happy to see someone like Robinio or Aguaro in chelsea, but may be we dont need them, and we are good enough now to compete Barca and Rial for exemple.. Im realy do
  10. What? and what about... ummm... Frank Lampard? Lampard is not a creative player? are yuo telling me that in your opinion Sneijder, Seedorf, van der vart, Xavi Alonso and some more players you have mention are more creative than lamps? thats bollocks... lamps is one of the most best passers in the world. 20 assists in every season is not enough for you? 20 and 20 this year? beside of him, who can do that? Lampard shuold be even on top of the list you have made their... right after Messi and Ronaldo, together with Xavi.(consider the present shape). I always knew Franky is underrated, but i did
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