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  1. He's not going anywhere.
  2. Even though I hate him at Liverpool, I'd welcome him with open arms. Can't deny his quality and as long as he does the job on the pitch he could act like a clown all he wants. It's never stopped me loving JT and Ash! Though he could never reach the level of love I have for those 2! No homo.
  3. Extra time, come on lads! We can do this!
  5. Someone said it in the start of the video. About Lukaku I'm assuming.
  6. Ramires can play left back, holding midfield and right wing at the same time, fact.
  7. 1. Oscar can shift inside with Mata and Ramires can provide the width when we're attacking. 2. We won't need someone as defensive as Mikel when we're against weak sides. Ramires and Lampard are perfectly capable of holding against Stoke, Wigan, Villa etc. 3. Mata is our best player, you're an idiot.
  8. Cech Ivanovic - Luiz - Terry - Cole Ramires - Lampard/Mikel Oscar - Mata - Hazard Torres Much better
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