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  1. Was my previous post in this thread deleted without notice? Are you fucking kidding me?
  2. I still can't add users to the ignore list. I'm directed to the page below on mobile. I haven't received anything via the contact us option after multiple attempts.
  3. Would really like to see some link to Kondogbia at Inter. He's apparently available and pining for a move out of Italy.
  4. If this is at all still true and we land him - I give up trying to figure out the formation Conte plans on using. I don't rate Azpili as a wingback. He's so, so much more effective as a right side CB. But Van Dijk with Luiz and even Cahill next to him makes a formidable tandem. It's certainly a good problem to have so much depth in defense and is laying the groundwork for the future. I still believe Zouma will have a place next year too. £50m is a good price all things considered.
  5. Players need to play. You need to see them and have enough tape on them to determine if they're worth further investment or time developing. You can only learn so much from having them in practice or playing sparsely during a season. Look at Aké. He played, was recalled, and then sold for £20m where he's going to start and be a critical piece for Howe and Bournemouth this year. That doesn't mean he's good enough to start for a club in Europe battling on four fronts, but he went out, did the work and is now set to heavily contribute. That's really all you can ask for from a young pla
  6. One games worth of highlights does not make a player. That's completely moronic logic. To then use that as a metric while shitting on Willian...I can't even. He's talented and it's nice that he's seemingly sticking around this year. But let's keep expectations in check. He's very, very raw and returned last December for more than just not clicking with managerial changes.
  7. Yes, only. Midfield is a concern but I think someone will come in. I'm not worried there. More than a month remaining to remedy this, and with the prices in the current market for wealthy clubs, negotiations are more complicated. We'll see if anything happens with Sanches. Personally, Inter are signing Vecino from Fiorentina mext week and that may put Kondogbia well behind their starting eleven. We could do much, much worse than signing another young French midfielder. I think he needs to get out of Italy. Wingback depth exist, it's just inexperienced players unfortunatel
  8. Being a squad player on a title winning side competing in four competitions is better than playing for Roma where the best you can finish is 2nd behind Juve. Realistically, Roma are behind Napoli, Milan and maybe even Inter after this summer. They'll struggle dealing with the CL again too. Last year our entire defensive had years worth of experience in the Premier League. Every single player. Rudgier is still young and is obviously a player for the future. This first season in a new league and country is a learning and adjusting phase more than anything. There's nothing wrong w
  9. What? There are players out injured. He has pieces to work with, they're just not currently available. Why are so many people so quick to leap to the absolute worst case regarding the squad? And mentioning Poch and Spurs as leading by some example? Again, what? Spurs have one trophy in the last sixteen seasons under Levy's ownership. Is that considered a success because they don't spend money? Ridiculous
  10. Fair criticism for both players. However, those shortcomings clearly overshadow their positives. You could make the same claims for Kyle Walker on the right - who I don't rate at all. Wingback is a difficult position to nail down with specifics because it's such a wide ranging role switching from defender to attacker. Max effort at both ends is the least you can ask for, but a lot depends on your supporting teammates. Fabregas definitely leaves a lot more work for everyone defending wide which we saw in all three of these games on tour. One thing I'm confident of is that Chamberlai
  11. There is a clear overreaction online on the state of the wingbacks. It's become something people have attached themselves to and are now just running with. Moses and Alonso are capable of playing at a higher level than what we've seen in these three games, but I don't think Moses was nearly as poor as people are making out. Alonso looks like he's simply lacking match fitness. I'm really not stressed at all about either player at either position. We'll see how their minutes are handled for the early cup games; how some of the fringe youth may be integrated; or if someone(s) are added
  12. Rudgier is not starting. At least not anytime soon. Fabregas is not starting, period, because that makes no sense for the formation that has been a proven winner and has been deployed for the first two games thus far. Personally think Hazard is wasted when not played wide or in a front three to overlap a striker. People need to stop trying to get creative and realize we've replaced three players this summer and each of their positions will remain the same. Costa Morata Matic Bakayoko Terry Rudgier Also... Zouma Christensen
  13. ??? RVP wasn't talented? He's one of Arsenal's all time top goalscorers. He was excellent. And Cech didn't transfer across town eleven years ago.
  14. You're talking straight nonsense. He's 19 years old for Christ sake and none of his tape at Bayern reflects anything close to the player you're describing. His good will from Euros is long gone now. Have you perhaps confused him with Luka Modric? Because the Renato Sanches you're describing only exists in your videogames.
  15. Yes. How do you place someone on your ignore list? I've asked the admin staff via pm but received no response.
  16. Ten teams is bullshit. It's in his best interest as Bayern Chairman to appear to have competition for one of his assets. It's likely half that number if not less.
  17. He would certainly have a better opportunity of picking up meaningful minutes here than he would this season at Bayern. Kante and Bakayoko are obviously the two first choice midfielders, but we don't know exactly how well they'll play together or if Bakayoko is going to struggle with fitness. Sanches, more so than Fabregas or Baker, fits the mold a bit better as a like for like replacement. I'm not entirely on board with a loan, however, a lot can change over a season. It's possible he could arrive for a year and then tell Bayern he's not interested in returning to Munich.
  18. - Good pace and balance. - Clearly not intimidated by defenders and willing to go at them when on the ball. - Would have liked to have seen him put this foot through a ball and attempted at least one shot. Seems a bit timid in that regard in these first two games. He'll need to be able to be depended on if put into a position to finish. - Needs to add more urgency when not on the ball, particularly when in a position to apply pressure defensively. Use that pace. - I would handcuff him to Willian during training and tell him to do what he does, but do it better.
  19. Umm, yes...? Three year loan where they were forced to outright purchase him if they won Serie A which they did. Again, the club recouped their investment and have moved on. What's the issue?
  20. Who cares though? Specifically, who cares about how much another club spends? Why concern yourself with how they conduct business? There are a dozen other ways to balance the books besides player sales. So again, who gives a shit?
  21. It's as if you have no knowledge of Chelsea's recent history. Why would anyone care how much a club spends on transfers? Everyone in the top flight is rich and spends money now.
  22. GQman2121


    Perhaps because they also realize he's not a defender. He's a forward wide player and nothing more.
  23. Negative. He's a good player but not what we needed. Bakayoko is exactly what was required for the formation that we play.
  24. How exactly did they screw Chelsea on that deal? It seemed very fair at the time and got a player that never settled in England off the books. His initial fee has essentially been completely recouped and he's now Juve's problem as it seem they're now trying to offload him.
  25. Honestly pleased that more people can see how limited Fabregas is in this formation. And this is the formation - make no mistake about that. Kante and Bakayoko in front of Azpili, Luiz and Cahill and we're much more formidable. Or at the very least more organized and not giving away so much space which had led to their goals and opportunities. It also can't be stressed enough the difference having Boga out there is instead of Hazard.
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