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  1. Metro is reporting that Arse will pay Tammy's wages and they put Laca up for sale for 15m to fund it. This indicates that we will sign a striker or someone in that mould, even if it is just cover for Havertz/Werner (basically the squad role that Tammy was holding up). Anyone want to discuss availible CF3's in case Haaland doesn't pan out? Any chance we sign him and loan back in Jan? Other positions we may supplement are CM4 , CB, RWB and GK3. We need a Ramires type player that could cover 3 of those positions. Rice can cover 2 but I really don't like spending 60m on him and he is not as v
  2. There's never anything in Chelsea links. The board is too low key to let too much out.
  3. If Werner and Havertz both score 20 each this season, we will laugh even if we don't get Haaland.
  4. Gundogan did a job for City last season. I wish Kova or Jorgi could ever do something like that. The lack of goal threat has been there since Sarri.
  5. For me it is Haaland or someone of that calibre or no-one. There is no rush, we can try again in January and next summer but in the long-term it is much more productive having someone that wants to be here than having someone who wants a bigger paycheck or wants to play at a certain team. The club is selling unwanted assets that can be sold since they're still technically taking a hit on all those who signed for big money, Drinky Baka barkley baba etc. I don't think they will sign any squad players that can be filled from the youth or reserves. Bakayoko could be our CM4 next season if hi
  6. He is saying that the reason people weren't raving about him was because the team was bad,even though he was a consistent performer in both seasons.
  7. Since our average squad age is about 24/25, most of the players want a easier route into the first team. Like Lamptey last season, Livra, Bate and MPH have an easier time getting into Brighton, Leeds and Brentford respectively.
  8. Our attack is not as dire as it was under Sarri. We have come leaps and bounds from false 9 Hazard and ageing Pedro and Willian, however, we still lack a CF.
  9. I really feel that Varane will be outed if Utd sign him. I think he's overrated since he's been playing next to Ramos his whole life. Put him next to Maguire and his true talent will have to show.
  10. Two appearances and a CL and Euros medals. Emerson is King of the Deadwood atm.
  11. More than 3/4 of the team that is training now is probably for sale. The problem is, teams can't afford our valuation for these players or their wages. Drinkwater will see out every second of his deal because Aston Villa can't pay him 200k a week. Drinkwater Barkley Bakayoko Loftus - cheek (or he stays as a squad player) Emerson Zappacosta Batshuayi Baba Rahman Decisions also need to me made on the following, probably loans: Clarke-Salter Chalobah Miazga Baker Sterling Ugbo Broja (possibly a squad player) M
  12. Dortmund have probably put a deadline on the Haaland deal. Hakimi and Donnarumma to PSG. The targets that are left do not appeal that much. I'm happy to be proven wrong and Roman calls Zahavi last minute for 50m Lewa transfer and he wins us the title in 1/2 years. Tbh I had never heard of Hazard before we signed him. Would be happy for a promising young talent to join the new generation.
  13. Zappacosta might be harder to shift as he is not a Euros or CL winner or future Ballon D'or nominee like Emerson.
  14. I meant in Prem. He can play every game in a slow tier 2 league, but can he do it on a rainy Thursday in Stoke?
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