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  1. I saw that too reported by Bild. Not too sure about his ability but he was a rotation option during Euros. I'm guessing we are in the market for a more defensive CM to cover for Kante. I don't see how they don't expect shambles if they expect RLC to play that role.
  2. I think buying Ifs isn't the worst idea. Ifs got us Hazard and Havertz. Every player we have bought at his peak, we have destroyed, all the way back to Shevchenko (apart from the odd Fabregas). All of our Ifs from last year are more established and managed to win CL in their first year. I'm hoping Lukaku is a fabregas/Costa type signing as he is just a piece of the puzzle. My issue is that I don't think he's suited to a team that presses so he will probably be limited to teams that sit back. That just means we are buying a squad player for 100m which reeks like a Drinky/Barky signing.
  3. Apparently arsenal and spurs are fighting it out for Vlahovic. Lukaku is a level above. He will lose his pace but hopefully make up for it as a target man and hopefully learning how to lead the press. We will get 5 years out of him.
  4. Lol no. I would rather we wait than sign him. We get it some people don't like him, you don't need to suck him off. If we weren't signing him would you be a fan boy right now?
  5. I doubt it. More like Saloman Kalou. Will miss a ton of chances but will have some moments. Will still be a useful squad member, but it begs the question 'why did we let him go in the first place?' We could've avoided Morata and used him as backup for Costa. I expect us to keep playing with a false 9 against City and Pool and use Lukaku to give us a different dimension against lower teams.
  6. I can see us not signing a CM and him playing deeper when we need cover.
  7. The look on Neymar face when he escaped Barca only to have PSG sign Messi on higher wages. Wherever he goes, he can't escape this guys shadow.
  8. We should offer Bakayoko as a signing on bonus for Messi.
  9. If he's world class, they would've at least tried to sign him this window too as a back up to Kane.
  10. Isn't it interesting how they can't sign their top striker target, so instead just sign another attacking minded player. Grealish will provide another dimension and rotation. They don't spunk a load of money on a donkey like lukaku.
  11. I'd rather have chewbacca at CF than Lukaku
  12. Lukaku sucks. We should get Vlahovic as 2nd striker and move for Haaland next window. This window looks bleak if we get Kounde and Lukaku. Both their money could buy Haaland and I would rather buy him.
  13. Xxx it is an Italian team or bust.
  14. You listed Alonso twice, I think one of them is meant to be Chilwell.
  15. Next year its just us and Bayern. City, Utd or Pool may go for him. Madrid may be able to squeeze him in with Mbappe maybe. I don't think any other team can afford him. It depends what he wants and if he likes Germany, we will lose out to Bayern. However, in prem we have the lure of London and 2 CL won. We also have German players especially in attack, who have replicated their form and he may want to prove himself at the top level. We have shown interest so it could happen even next year. I would prefer to spend 65m than 150.
  16. So what I have learnt today is we signed a keeper I've never heard of before, Kounde means bumboy in Persian, ass in Indian and cunt in Czech, and finally we still don't have a recognised striker in our team other than Abraham.
  17. At the same time, these are feather weight aerial duels in la liga. His stats are better than Varane last season, and he is only slightly worse than Ben White at defending. Konate sucks. We got the better deal than Utd, Pool and Arse.
  18. Broja with a decisive goal. Gallagher playing 90 means he will be our CM backup?
  19. He was overrated because he was in the first batch of youngsters to come through the academy. Now that we've seen players like James and Mount, we realise how much was missing from him even during his breakout season.
  20. We need a striker. Do we see Broja or Ugbo next season??
  21. Ffs same old story as under lampard. Fail to score for 70 mins then they get a lucky goal.
  22. Yeah but would he do as a Jorginho backup? I agree, but it is just Bournemouth. We need to see if there are better alternatives as the drinkwater we all know can not start 15-20 matches this season.
  23. Drinkwater looks like our CM4. His cross field pass to Odoi cemented his place.
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