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  1. A little disappointed with the chosen team. I understand Pulisic and Azpi's rest, but I would bet on playing with Giroud in front and Werner from the left, Christensen is our worst defense and it is disappointing to see him again. Looking at this defense is scary, but the hopes are in Werner and Havertz, I hope they are inspired.
  2. Sorry, but there is so much here that makes me feel confused, your favorite player is Christensen? Perfectly respectable, but I can't resist asking why Why do you put RLC and CHO? What merits do these players have to be part of the team? I still believe that RLC regains its best level throughout the season and can be a useful player in the squad, CHO has been nothing more than a nullity. Any other option is better than him.
  3. First game of the season. There was no illusion on the face of any spurs player. All tired, stuck in movements, as if defeated before starting. With the exception of maybe Doherty, still with oxygen from the wolves, ... It looked like a Portuguese fado. It is a pity to see Mourinho dragging himself in these roles, after he was so great, having provided so many victories and joys. One of the most difficult things in life is knowing when to leave the stage. Mourinho died in Madrid. His ambition made him bite the apple of sin and he died there. He never again had a pass
  4. Another game to fall asleep. If it weren't for Bielsa, all the games so far would be soporific.
  5. That may be the reasoning, but if so, they could also hire a player for the left side, they have money for that. With Chilwell's money they could cover both positions.
  6. I know all 3 well and they would all be a great addition to a team like Leicester. I honestly don't think any of them are inferior to Chilwell. The advantages of Chilwell are being English and younger. And Frank trusts him. And Reguilon, despite all the hype, is a player that I have seen several games between Real Madrid and Sevilha, I think he is inferior to any of them. He is young, but very irregular during a season, everyone keeps the images of the last games in the Europa League, but during the year there were very weak phases in Sevilha and many people criticized him. I
  7. I found it very strange that Leicester, with Chilwell's money, ended up hiring a right back when he could have gone for players like Telles, Gosens or Tagliafico. It is true that he can play on the left side, but it is not the same thing, it was a very strange move.
  8. I am concerned about the obsession with certain English players. With Chilwell, we probably paid twice his market value. Can we stop there? But in what world is Rice worth 75 million pounds?
  9. This whole team is bathed in an arrogance that makes me wish them every possible defeat. All those fake smiles, starting with the German, the exaggerated arrogance of all of them and the dives in all fields. They are good, an author's project that has achieved success, but when they reach the top they have a shameful behavior. Michael Oliver, again, was also a disgrace.
  10. What a game! This is football. So painful to lose with a performance like this and two stupid penalties. But they played like that, on day 1, at Anfield. Thank you Mr. Bielsa for this hour and a half.
  11. Welcome to the Premier League Mr. Bielsa, what a pleasure to see you here, with 45 minutes I am already delighted. The plastic smile even gnaws. What a horrible debut by Koch, grotesque responsibility in the first two goals, but this way of playing with new players and in Anfield is normal. The fair result at the break would be a draw.
  12. I don't think even Lampard, Solskjaer or Arteta can complain about that, another type of coach in their place would have suffered serious criticism at their worst. Arteta is starting, it is still early to assess what he can be, he managed to order the team and win two titles where he was not a favorite. But it is one thing to play qualifiers or finals in speculation and another thing to achieve results in a demanding and long League and assume the role of favorite in most games. The Arsenal squad is very limited, the problems are still there, the Europa League games will make a den
  13. They have a lot of players to try to improve the team, but those who are on the field today, my god ... some can't even control a ball.
  14. I chose Saliba for my fantasy team and not even on the bench. And also Auba, who is closer to seeing the red card than scoring a goal, I'm kind of lucky. The game itself, quite slow and boring, an Arsenal's total dominance over a too weak Fulham. I hope that the players that lack Fulham will work because with these, Fulham would have a shameful classification, let's see if the game gets a little lively in this second part.
  15. La Liga is in decline, choosing the Spanish League today only if it is for family or personal reasons, or the desire to sunbathe.
  16. Without being able to put Kepa in another club and not having a top GK on the market, I think that ends up being the possible option, Mendy will be able to fight Kepa this year and be a decent number 2 for the next years. Next summer maybe we can sell Kepa and bring a top goalkeeper.
  17. This is where I'm most scared. Last season was a nightmare. Basically he is someone who would have to be ex-Blue and will start playing as a starter because there is no other option. And the worst thing is that his teammates will be as afraid as I am. I hope to surprise me and be at least regular.
  18. He´s fundamental! He´s world class! N´golo Kanté!
  19. Number 10! He deserved it! With Ziyech, Havertz and Werner this could be the most spectacular attack in all of Europe and for many years to come!
  20. Monday seems so far away, I wish the game would be tomorrow at noon! Many doubts about the eleven that Frank can present in Brighton. Azpi and Pulisic have just returned from training, so maybe he won't risk putting them on, at least at first. Kepa James, Rudiger, Zouma, Alonso Kante, Jorginho, Mount Havertz, Giroud, Werner With Ziyech gone, and if Frank decides to save Pulisic this would be a good option. P.S.: We have a league for Fantasy PL??
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