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  1. Apart from Mourinho, no chelsea coach has got the support Lampard got
  2. He'll end up throwing in Tammy to start running like a headless chicken instead of Giroud
  3. Lampard is different from other coaches. He has that backing no other coach has got. It has to be extremely bad for the club to sack him. Something like fighting relegation
  4. They'll never sack him until its too late
  5. I hope we don't become complacent and invite pressure unto ourselves like we normally do
  6. My only concern is our weakest link. Christensen
  7. It's a case of a tactical coach against a clueless one
  8. The end of their misery is destined to be on Chelsea. Chelsea has been very generous over the years
  9. But FL can't see that. He'd rather start a non winger on the wing than play him. So frustrating
  10. It's not your day when you have many shots on target and couldn't score
  11. Giroud would have taken advantage of those
  12. He's more loved than those other coaches
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