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  1. I think we are saying the same thing (or consistent things), two different ways. He is happy at Chelsea now, recognizes that he must compete for PT, and is happy to do that next year. He has said as much publicly. He has also intimated that he wants to be a starter, or the equivalent of a starter in a rotation system. There is a manager perspective and a player perspective. They are not the same and both can be right, even when they conflict. TT might maximize Chelsea outcomes in a way that doesn’t maximize Pulisic’s effectiveness. Such is the nature of formations and systems. Chelsea knows t
  2. He is a competitor. He will compete. He now knows that he is likely to be used differently than he was under Lampard, so we shall see how the competition for playing time goes. I think he loves Chelsea FC and wants to secure his place there. But I also think he sees himself as a starter, and probably has trouble understanding why Werner gets so many more minutes and chances than he gets. So the way he feels about his future at Chelsea FC in the summer of 2022 may be different than the way he feels now. I am optimistic that TT will find a way to use Pulisic's talents. But if not, sometim
  3. He is not participating in Gold Cup. He is resting and recuperating, getting ready to compete for playing time (as he said recently in response to a reporter's question).
  4. Typical CONCACAF match, complete with projectiles raining down on the pitch, horrible refereeing, flops galore, and no flow. The referee pool is 90% people from leagues that are called very differently than most of the American and Canadian teams are used to. So they have to adjust to playing with constant stoppages for various forms of drama. And because of the off the pitch history of the Mexico-US rivalry (Google “Landon Donovan bags of piss”) there is real hatred between the clubs and fan bases. Long time USMNT fans loved to see Pulisic choose to celebrate in front of the Mexican fans. A
  5. Marijuana, oil wells and Saddam Hussein on this thread? Both coaches playing cagey with the lineups, prioritizing their next encounter. Interesting.
  6. My 2 cents. Kante is peaking at the right time. Mendy inspires so much confidence. Havertz still up and own but I like him at the false 9. Pulisic looks like a confident thoroughbred in attack lately. Back line seems so solid. City also sharp right now. I think we need 60+ min of Pulisic to beat them, because he just creates chances and is more composed in the attack. But we shall see ...
  7. Glad to see Havertz start. Literally can’t think of a single thing that Werner gives us that Pulisic doesn’t give us more of. But whatever.
  8. I sure hope Pulisic sees this. When you try to remember his highlight reel, who are the opponents in those matches? It is not a coincidence that he shows up best and biggest under the brightest lights and one facing the biggest challenges. Somebody get this quote to him as soon as possible.
  9. I’d like to see Pulisic be more selfish on those breakaways
  10. I would feel better if Kova was playing. Ditto Havertz. But if this a 3-5-2 I get the logic if he wants to mainly counter. But the buildup prospects don’t look great with this lineup.
  11. Puli plays his best against the big clubs. Don’t give up hope.
  12. Sure, assisting two WBA goals is worse than usual, but what does Mr Backpass ever bring to the table that puts him ahead of other midfield options. Anyone scouting Chelsea could miss how poorly and risking we played out of the back today.
  13. How does this ref get selected?
  14. And get pulled when he converts. These are all information data points about TT.
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