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  1. Still want him here as our #9, when all realistic options are considered he fits the best for me. Lets ship Willian + cash for Martial. Bring in Fekir or Pulisic and lets get this show on the road. Fekir/Pulisic Hazard Martial
  2. My ideal plan: Sign him to a new 5 year deal then send this kid to bundesliga for an 18th month loan. He will settle in and develop the way he should. Bundesliga is the best breeding ground for young attackers in a style somewhat similar to the PL. We can't stunt him the way we did RLC.
  3. Frankly Villa might be equally as interesting as Derby, Mount is a lampard-esque player and Ampadu could be a Terry-esque player. Derby is a wonderful breeding ground it seems for young players, but might the opportunity to work with JT be too much to pass up? Either way, he simply must go on loan in January to continue to develop.
  4. Kid gets his first call up. Looks and plays so much like Pirlo its freaky. He would be a wonderful purchase, expensive but fits with our philosophy of buy them young. If we manage to continue with Sarri for a few years this kid could develop beautifully next to Ampadu/CHO/RLC/Mount. Especially since we seem to be lacking this style of player in the academy and in our older ranks.
  5. I agree completely, I hate to see 75' of Jorginho constant movement for a game that does not call for him. But Fabregas getting sick put a dent in the plan. This feels more like an exception rather than the rule. Everton is a sneaky game for sure, but I think he will be alright. No different than a Wed CL game and Sat PL game with regards to rest, although the distance is worrisome. Maybe we will see Ampadu in the role after halftime? Also, the debate could be made he is of equal importance to Eden due to the system, the drop off from Jorgi to Cesc is about as wide as Eden to Willian, if
  6. I am extremely excited to see Jorginho/Barkley/RLC midfield 3. our most aggressive attacking midfield we can put on the field + Pedro/Hazard are my 1st choice starting wingers. Could be fireworks today if they click.
  7. such an intriguing player, does he have the speed for an aggressive pressing style of play? seems a bit more suited to the center of the park than the wide wings, but i could be wrong. He definitely gives us positional flexibility though, he could play any of the 4 attacking roles (striker, wide, most attacking mid) nice left foot on him.
  8. Maybe we flip it and try to include Willian + Cash for Dembele haha thats the dream in a bizarro hypothetical world if we end up with Dembele and Asensio + 75-100m for Hazard and Willian that is a ridiculously good reset for the team. *No, i don't want hazard to leave, just a hypothetical*
  9. Not a great performance, doesnt help being partnered with Cahill but his body language was poor, he looked a little uneasy under possession and was generally forgettable throughout. You see the difference when Luiz steps in for him, its a shame but right now he is miles away from the first team. Needs to pull a barkley and keep his mouth shut and start grinding.
  10. I am somewhat skeptical we are in for him, nothing against the player but it feels like we are the easy team to link with the on form player in Serie A. Happened all the time with Conte as well. He is in top form right now and that goal yesterday was an absolute beauty.
  11. I am always on board with free quality, but I think Mount might stake his claim next year. Kante/Jorginho/Barkley/RLC/Mount looks pretty damn good (assuming we can't sign Kovacic, im a big kovacic fan and believe we should) If Barkley/RLC continue to impress I don't see the space for Ramsey. Maybe if we manage to offload Drinkwater to someone and Fabregas leaves but even without those 2 our midfield still looks pretty crowded.
  12. I'd go all out for him in January. So talented, used to playing in systems similar to ours. Positional flexibility, two footed, provides goals and assists, lightning quick. The list goes on and on, provides us immense cover if Hazard does leave or a truly terrifying team if he stays. Young enough to grow with our exciting prospects (CHO & Dembele! wow) Issue is dealing with Barca and the price that will be demanded, surely around 80-100m will be asked for after the price they paid and his future prospects.
  13. There have been conflicting reports on Hudson-Odoi health? Does anyone know whats going on? I thought he was out for a week weeks, then i heard only a couple of days. IF he is healthy he needs to play in this game. Willy Zappa Cahill AC Emerson Fab RLC Barkley Pedro CHO Morata
  14. Perfect striker for exactly what we need. Would suit the prem perfect, love his attitude and striker instincts. If available, must buy simple as that.
  15. These guys will want to move him in January. Genoa have nothing to play for and have a young juve striker stud on loan sitting behind him. Will be a bidding war, i think the cap for him will be 50-55m Euro that someone will be realistically willing to pay. Napoli wont go that high, Inter has Icardi/Martinez. I think IF we really are interested it will be between us and Barca. We have the #9 spot open, misfiring strikers, and a coach/team build to help him succeed. If we do think he is the real deal I can't see anyone beating our package of willingness to pay and fit for the player.
  16. I am away this weekend but will be curious to watch the game Piatek plays vs Juventus when I get back home. I expect if he doesnt score twitter will roast him, I am more curious to see how he does with all the other aspects of the game against such a dominant opponent. That supposed price tag keeps creeping up, we will know ALOT more about him with 4/5 games against Juve, AC, Inter, & Napoli.
  17. slightly nervous for this game, Jose always seems to manage some freak spectacular game when his back is against the wall. It plays into his style this one, he is away from home playing against a high flying attacking side who is leaky at the back. He will play all the goons, protect deep and try to counter for 1-2 goals. An early goal will be immense for us, it will force them to come out of the shell and play.
  18. I haven't read through all of these posts, I am sure what i'm about to write has been echoed somewhere, so for that i apologize. I am not mad at Hazard for speaking honestly about his situation, id rather transparency than lies. I genuinely believe he is truly conflicted, Madrid are his childhood dream, but he has become a man, built a family and succeeded with us. He might be thinking he has accomplished everything he could with us and CL glory is more attainable at Madrid but the grass is not always greener. He has stuck through some volatile times here and now things are looking
  19. Genoa fired their coach today. This guy could really be on the move to a bigger club come January now. You'd think we would be in the pole position considering our absence of a striker and style of play. Seems to be a guy who thrives on smart movement and service while being extremely clinical(so far). In the current inflated market is 35-40m worth a gamble on a potentially deadly striker? you'd have to think yes, but gamble is the key word.
  20. This guy has got a battery pack similar to Kante. It feels like he plays in every single game for club and country. Minimum 65-70' and often the full 90' and he just continues to fly around the pitch. I hope Sarri starts to manage his time a little bit, he is an immense player for us so we don't need him burning out.
  21. A win then a City/Liverpool draw would make for one great Sunday(and Canadian Thanksgiving!) Kepa Azpi Rudi Luiz Alonso Jorginho Kante Kovacic Pedro Hazard Giroud My Subs would be: RLC for Kovacic (60'-65') Morata for Giroud (70'-75') Willian for Pedro (75') I liked what RLC showed yesterday, had more attacking intent than Barkley. With RB getting the England call up I think it would be good to see RLC get some PL gametime.
  22. https://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/krzysztof-piatek-genoa Article from a month ago, shines a little light on him. I am still hesitant, nobody is that efficient over any reasonable level of time. If he keeps it up over the next 2 months I can imagine the noise will be deafening come January.
  23. I know very little about this guy, but a quick read about him and it sounds to me that he is very similar to Mason Mount? Mount showed what he could do in Eredivisie and in Europe last season with great showings. Perhaps someone could educate me on the differences, as i said i know very little apart from a bit of reading about DVDB
  24. The rumours are well under way linking this guy with all the top clubs, ive seen a few articles saying we are leading the chase. Feels like reporter click bait, guy has barely played in Serie A but i guess anybody is better than our current toothless options? Feels like this rumour is just beginning to pick up steam before january window
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