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  1. No. Everything about Chelsea sucks right. Eden is asleep. Costa looks championship level. Ivanovic is dead, so is Terry. Jose had lost the plot. All we have i Zouma and Kenedy. I am going hype myseld up or ita a miserable season.
  2. Yeah. He did. But Kenedy hasn't shown the restrain and nervousneas RLC did after the Liverpool game. Not against Barca and not today.
  3. LOVE, love this kid. He's so fearless and aggressive. He's the anti-RLC. There is no doubt in this kid's mind. He's going to be a world beater. And that left foot is a cannon. Best buy of the summer.
  4. Kenedy show more than Hazard. I love this kid. not a single bit of laziness on the ball. gets it, runs with it, and just bulldozes. you are going to be a legend, kid!
  5. cross from right side. another goal. this is fucking absurd.
  6. it's not that simple. Both Terry and Ivanovic, the heart and soul of our team are under-performing. Jose can't bench both. Right now, he's chosen Terry to be dropped. He still need experience and leadership out there. That's a young team if you haven't noticed. At some point, he'll say fuck it, the leadership isn't saving us, so change it up. It's tough for him. had Terry declined this year and Ivanovic next, he would have been ruthless. Right now, his entire core is falling apart.
  7. I doubt it. Jose isn't one to suffer fools, no matter how much he likes a player. Ivanovic's days are numbered. Jose is far too good of a manager to let this go much longer. He has to show some loyalty for the guys who won us the league; at some point, he'll sit them down and tell them they are just not good enough and he has a entire club to think about.
  8. WE MISS OSCAR!!! It's so obvious man. Willian has no chemistry with Hazard and Cesc. He's too busy looking to just beat his man and that is it. that's his whole goal in life; to beat his man one-on-one...the end. Whereas Oscar looks to play off his team-mates, gets into position with his back to the goal for the ball to be pinged off him by Cesc and Hazard as they run at the defense. I am done with Willian. He is just not good enough. He has a purpose, but we as a team seem to be moving away from the style of play where Ramires and Willian are useful. ugh, I pray to God Oscar is just injured
  9. Boring boring Arsenal! Now if you dont hate those self-righteous twats, you must be a Gooner!
  10. How awesome would it be if we go up 3-0 and Baba comes on for Ivanovic? Id lose it!
  11. Cahill probably. Longest at the club and has captined us in preason last year. Also England vice.
  12. Can we please have a bit of luck go our way, Universe? Watching other teams and then ours this season is so disheartening. Everything is going against us. Two red cards, two penalties, and our stalwart RB that looks like he is ready to retire. Pretty please!
  13. Rooney is a United legend, the face of their club, and their best player.He wasn't earning 318k a week at 22. He's earned his high wages by serving United for a decade. Pogba isn't going to be our best player, nor has he served the club. Hazard is on 200k, and he needs to remain our top paid player. As for @Clockwork mentioning Bale, well, does Bale earn more than Ronaldo? Nope. Wage structure.
  14. 1) Daily Shit. 2) Pogba hasnt even been a finalist for the Ballon D'Or much less won it, so I doubt he'd think he can ask for Ronaldo and Messi wages. 3) Daily Shit.
  15. Jose only goes after those whom he considers rivals.Its why he has not said anything about Martinez. Imagine if it was Wenger instead? Jose would have been throwing gernades. Lol.
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