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  1. Well this page has turned to aids.
  2. I don't mind this unlike others. If Conte rates him (like it's been reported) then I 100% support it.
  3. If you do have a good quality stream please post it!!
  4. If anyone gets an HD (or close to) stream let me know!
  5. As far as panic buys this isn't a bad one! Certainly better than last year!
  6. GEEEZERRR!! look he is not an amazing signing but you can't not like that face!
  7. no, more than jim Although sky really aren't that reliable these days. They very rarely break any news anymore. A lot of the time someone like di marzio will break a story then an hour later sky will say "sky sources understand"
  8. not really but sky are running the story (they don't always run what he says) so it might have some legs matt law is much more reliable
  9. hahahaha ffs i'm away from twitter and here for a few hours and this happens ... what?
  10. I see people are getting way too excited over nothing
  11. You joke but that's a lot of peoples logic on here
  12. To be honest I trust Di Marzio more than i do our board!!!
  13. Wait, what? erm? err.. What?
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