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  1. Calm down mate he's only just made up for his 2 terrible mistakes with a goal, and he only scored that because he was in the right place at the right time, a broken clock is right twice a day and all that. It doesn't change the fact that he's a useless footballer who offers us nothing and should've been ditched 3 or 4 years ago.
  2. If Mikel was even some semblance of a footballer that wouldn't have happened.
  3. Good old mikel. He never let's us down.
  4. Better (and a lot younger) than both Remy and Falcao IMO. Also, only a loan deal I've heard with an option to buy in the summer for 8mil which isn't a bad price for a small gamble. He'll never be the superstar he once threatened to be, that potential has gone, but I've heard from people who watch the Brazilian leagues that he's still a useful striker and that he was loaned out because he didn't fit the corinthians playing style and system (so I've been told). Not a bad low risk purchase IMO. Now sell Remy for the 12mil that's being quoted, get rid of Falcao and give Bamford a damn chance.
  5. Remember when we were awesome and Spurs were the joke? Feels a long time ago now as the roles have completely reversed. Don't even have the words to describe what a damn farce this is.
  6. Some absolutely woeful football there. Let's not exaggerate this aswell, we scored 1 lucky deflected goal and a goal that shouldn't have stood for offside. The only difference between us today and us under Mourinho was the fact that under Mourinho we didn't get any luck at all and today we had a huge slice. Ivanovic is still as much use as Stephen Hawking, Azpi and Matic look surprisingly and disappointingly poor, Mikel and Ramires still aren't good enough at this level, Pedro is too lightweight for this league and RLC, Baba and Kenedy are still not getting any meaningful minutes des
  7. Lol I can't believe it xD. Cheers for the unexpected £90 JT!
  8. I think that right there justifies Ivanovic's new contract xD xD xD
  9. Got £90 riding on this finishing as is atm. Draw and both teams to score. Would happily give it up for us actually winning a game though.
  10. Lol what is going on?!? Us getting lucky?!?
  11. Even I wasn't sure Mourinho was right when he insinuated that the players we had were poor and he'd dragged them to a higher level to win the league last year. After this, can anyone really disagree?...
  12. Goddamn it Mourinho, this is all your fault. Oh, wait...
  13. My brother is a BVB fan and so I end up watching a fair few games with him aswell as getting my brothers knowledge and put it this way - he'd be chuffed if they got £10M for Gundogan now. He's regressed badly since his awesome 2013 year, and since he broke his back (or whatever the hell he did, I'll be honest I can't remember) he's been an average player and Weigl, Castro and Sahin are all above him in the pecking order in BVB fan's minds apparently. Also whoever mentioned his wages being the reason he didn't move last summer (I think it was MagicLamps) is completely right, BVB were open
  14. Great goalscorer from the wing which would be a positive for us as we need goalscoring midfielders. But not sure he's worth the huge money (and wages) that he'll be coupled with his advanced age. A better player than Pedro and a completely different player to Willian so god knows why people are comparing them but still, not overly sure he's what we need, if we want a goalscoring winger then look no further than either of the 2 at Dortmund; Reus or Aubameyang.
  15. Haha yeah I remember that now. I've rated him since like 2011-2012, I just saw something special in him with his attitude and his qualities. Hence why I was so gutted that we never managed to get him for 2 (goddamn two) million rather than Stoke but I guess his choice has been vindicated now because he's first choice at Stoke since we pilfered Begovic. Just call me mystic Viper xP. As for the rest of your post - spot on. Always been one of the first to drill down on English players who are massively overhyped (Townsend, Bentley, Welbeck etc.) but Dele Alli has looked the real deal
  16. I entertain myself by having a guess at what could be the worst possible thing to do from the position he's in when he receives the ball. Im often bang on with my prediction but the ultimate joy from this game is when he surpasses your imagination for how shit he can be.
  17. And RLC proves why he should have started. At least today hasn't been a complete waste of time then.
  18. Please Gus, this is what I want to see tomorrow:
  19. She made it personal with that stupid facebook post and if she hadn't reacted so badly to it she would have been back doing her doctoring duties just like Jon Fearn has done because he took the 1 piece of criticism (because that's all it was, it wasn't a prolonged attack or anything like people try to make out) kept his head down and worked his way back to where he is. She has obviously realised she could've done the same now hence the backtracking by attempting to get her job back. And to my knowledge she was never fired and left the job by mutual consent or something so it's hilarious t
  20. Had so much hope that he'd regain some form here but it was unfortunately misplaced. I thought he'd be a decent stopgap 3rd choice ST while Bamford went to Palace, nailed down the starter role and banged in at least 15 goals over the course of the season for a decent side before returning to Monaco next year and Bamford stepping in to challenge Costa. Both of those ideas went terribly, terribly wrong. I don't think any of us expecting him to magically revert to his old world class self but between the injuries and the lack of what looks like sharpness on the pitch this has just bee
  21. So Pep has said he's coming to England to manage in the PL, but hasn't decided to which club he wants to go yet. Looks like one of us, United or City is getting him in the summer then. As much as I dislike the bloke and think he's overrated, if Simeone isn't available then he'd probably be the 2nd best choice for me and he's evidently the 1st choice for a lot of Chelsea fans. However I doubt very much he'll come here, it'll be too much hard work rebuilding the team and i'm sure he'd much rather go to an ageing team like City who have the best squad in the league with top player
  22. This Phantom Squad group of bellends really get on my wick.
  23. RLC, Baba, Kenedy and Traore all have to play at least some part in this game and 3 should at least start.
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