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  1. Is this a joke? Zouma gets the blame for 2-2? im laughing. People dont understand football... Where is the midfield? The AM running against Zouma, should ZOuma just let him go so he can follow Pukki? Pukki is best in the premier League at those runs, and its so perfect... Christensen plays him ONSIDE! with a millisecond. No one is to blame for the goal, but if someone is it should be Christensen for playing him onside... Kepa with a mistake too. Pukki should never score form that position. What about 1-1... Not a single person is mentioning Jorginho or Azpi, when its all their fault.
  2. I must disagree, i think he`s performance was very good and also on the ball. Just like he was against Leicester when he was crossing som perfect long balls and had no mistakes on the ball. Shaky?He`s feets looks like bambi on ice(haha) sometimes, but i havent seen a single mistake on the ball since UNited Maybe hes not perfect on the ball, but u must choose a package... Zouma is fantastic in the air, 1v1s, duells and he`s got some speed. Our defence will get in many counter attack situations when we are playing high press AND with Jorginho who too often leaves the danger room infront
  3. WTF is this Zouma hate? Sell him? Zouma has been really good since he`s shaky start against United! Zouma has been class fro Stoke and Everton last two seasons... Atleast people must understand how good is it to have him as backup! Think about how lucky we are, we could have had David Luiz in our squad Shithead to have in the group when he`s not a starter, Lamps did the right thing We need young positiv and energic players.
  4. My Dream with two days left: - Kovacic on loan - Willian for Martial - Drinkwater + 30£m for Zaha OR Leon Bailey for 40£m - Keeper
  5. Sell Morata for 60£m and spend 80-100£m on Dembele. Willian swap with Martial! Hazard - AM9 - Dembele, Oh lord!
  6. Sell Willian for 55£m + get Dembele on loan with option to buy. Lets pray Lazio spends 20£m on Pedro and we get Leon Bailey. Hazard, Hudson-Odoi for LW and Dembele, Bailey for RW.
  7. Wake the f*** up! Mourinho didn't sell him! Maybe he didn't see KDB as a starter, but it was De bruyne who couldn't live with fighting for the spot… So he wanted away! Mourinho said that they must not sell him, but that they could send him on loan! http://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/premier-league/2015-2016/jose-mourinho-begged-chelsea-not-to-sell-de-bruyne_sto4961797/story.shtml Its the same story with Lukaku! But i understand its must be hard for the club when we get massive bids for young players that aint starters… Should they loan they out or sell.(maybe the players don't wa
  8. Give me: Courtois Azpi, Cahill, Iva, Rahman Mikel/Matic, RLC Willian, Oscar, Kenedy Traore So important to give our Attacking players rest before the PSG game! Hazard, Cesc and Costa MUST be rested. Willian should be on the bench, but he's probably starting… Would have been perfect with Pato instead and Traore at RW.
  9. Cant believe that people want us to use the same starting 11 in this kinda game! Everybody complained when Mourinho used the same 11 every game and had little rotation, the players got burned out u said… Whats the difference now? Hiddink uses the same players, Mikel is the only "new" face.. players like Willian haven't had a game off in ages, he needs rest in these games if we want him to keep on going. The game against Scunthorpe was just sad to watch! Our best 11 seems to lower them self in these games, so I want young and hungry players to get som energy in the team! Willian, C
  10. Begovic Azpi/Aina - Cahill - Zouma - Rahman Mikel - RLC Traore - Hazard - Kenedy Bamford subs: Courtois, Aina/Azpi, Terry, Matic, Willian, Musonda and Pato
  11. actually we paid 11m the 7 rest was based on clauses.. but he didn't get enough matches.
  12. I really want Pogba, but iknow we never gonna get him without CL. Barcelona or PSG are favorites, and maybe City if Guardiola wants him. If we had done a good season this year I'm sure we had been favorites to sign him! Makes me so sad to think about it. We must now start to forget about singning big international stars like Pogba, instead me must think about players that aint playing CL football and can wait for another year! I mean Stones and Barkley is a must.
  13. Agree! Lets put it in to perspective.. Vardy is worth 20-25£m English, proven in PL, 1 year younger, scores more and he`s better!
  14. Give me this: Begovic Aina Cahill Terry/Papy Rahman Ramires Matic RLC Pedro Traore Kenedy
  15. Why does people bother? He has played for two clubs and can't play for Chelsea this year! Forget him
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