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  1. I'll be around Taksim square tomorrow too, probably gonna go to bus stops for Chelsea fans, will ask them about so called stabbing rumours. There is still no news and governor said there was no incident. If they will to contribute, I'll post a short video here about their thougts. Do not merge and centralize whole Gala fans as barbarians. I am not proud of the Leeds fans getting stabbed, still feeling sorry for them. Do not stick with speculations and rumours, Good luck tomorrow!
  2. 00.24 OFFICIAL INTEL ON "STABBINGS": British Consulate-General in İstanbul, İstanbul Police Department and Taksim Municipality Hospital all denied the incident. There was no stabbing and not even a clash between fans. Please write down exact location and time or his latest position @We Hate Scouse. Hope your friend is just busting your balls.
  3. I don't know what to say to this comment, go wherever you want. I've never asked "tourists". Comparing Greece and trying to give a message, sorry no time to start a f.cking discussion. 00.12: No news or updates from 4 different sources (all are old school fans, involved in every fucking situation in Taksim for decades). I believe someone wants to start these rumours and run a black propaganda against us.
  4. F*ck. Sorry for your boy, I am in Istiklal Avenue right now, around taksim square, if your sources have a solid intel on 2nd, please write it down here, me and boys will escort any chelsea fans to their hotel tonight. I know it's not a defence or a proper way of explaining, but don't ever chant or shout any chelsea slogans around taksim square. this is one of the most dangerous places for foreigners.
  5. Can you give a source for that rumour? And which hospital is your mate now? We've been on the phone with boys, since the draw, people are very cautious about watching englishmans back. Believe me Istanbul is a tough city, but there is no one around Taksim with group of 20-30 and picking chelsea fans. There is still no confirmation from any ER of nearby hospitals or Police records. Checking again every 10 minutes, see ya!
  6. Then ban the f"cking idiots, don't make assumptions for a whole nation or do not adress them in a rude way. Give penalty to those being racist, no post or whatever your rules are. "they started this" is not an acceptable line.
  7. I was about to forget my membership in this forum, I tried to help you guys out with our squad, what is the real situation and etc.. It's been some time since I last checked here, it was a great pleasure for me to talk with you guys and discuss Chelsea's recent problems, possible transfers. I am suprised to see the reactions of many blue fans are so f*cking racist. You were always using kebab this kebab that, was not fun at all but I said that ain't no problem. Recent posts are truly disgusting, calling the people of Northern Cyprus brainless? "There are more where they came from?". Who the f*
  8. Yep, Schurrle is a real deal. Your back four maybe bit doubtful but believe me, our back four is a disaster. If you have time, just watch the Juventus game, Eboue often forgets his role as wing back and fools around far away,Chedjou showed an average performance but that guy has some issues of concentration. There are also rumours that we'll sell him back to Ligue 1 and sign Davide Astori from Cagliari, I don't know how that move will effect in such a short notice. Riera is really slow, I mean really. Probably I am faster than him. If by any chance Mata does long passes over Melo to Schurrle,
  9. There is a perticular type of player in whole game, which Galatasaray cannot handle in each and every part of the field. Fast and dribbler with crossing skills. Italians or English has a culture of football which has built-in combinations for these players. Field defense or crossballs, physical superiority etc etc.. Turkish football as a whole, has really few "plan-b"'s for those guys. I believe Eden Hazard will play cat and mice with our wing backs. He is fast and can go for crosses too. Midfielders or Attacking Midfielders won't be much of a problem. Selçuk, Melo and Semih on back has solid
  10. Also for everyone wondering what are the thoughts of Gala fans about the draw, here are some popular ones translated to English (I meant thoughts and critics from real fellas not some Justin Bieber aged idiots), enjoy it; "We'll knock em off if Eto'o and Mata gets injured:)" "Odds are %99.9 they'll knock us off, but both home and away games will be great to watch. They have a great squad" "I wish we'll draw ManUnited, they are far worse then Chelsea" "Chelsea also has a problem with left back, their defenders are not fast but has a lot of experience, Melo'll get the midfield but wingers li
  11. Sorry for all of them. That is a shitty thing to do; show up in opponent forums and post rubbish. There is a popular though in Turkish society, knocking off a foreigner club is a real deal. You'll probably witness some posts about WWI and British Empire. Dardanelles and Anzacs. Hard to believe but every single game this happens in Turkish forums too. Just ignore them or let your administrators for further bannings from forum.
  12. Hi everyone, This is a civilized Gala fan. Sorry for all the "invasion", I'm pleased to say you accept foreigners to your forum. I'll give you some heads up about our squad and recent situation. It does not look good at all. Yep, Drog is still great, scored an amazing goal this weekend too. But that's all. Defenders are such a mess, we have Semih Kaya, solid defender raised by Gala. Aurelion Chedjou is a total mess. He often does positioning errors and gives hilarious reactions to deep balls from far side. Wing defenders are total joke, they are all used to be attacking wingers. So lot of spac
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