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  1. it's just I feel keeping a negative energy about him (expecting the other shoe to drop) will bring negative things also I'm The Happy One but being honest with you... I didn't see this Torres before. he has a look in his eyes that wasn't there before and I know it bc I reblog way too many Torres posts in my blog to see it he seems determined, Jose admitted he was surprised, taken aback but how hard Torres works something changed and it's reflecting in the pitch I guess
  2. I don't even care... Torres is back unless proved otherwise I won't be waiting the other shoe to drop. I'd rather be disappointed in a few matches from now than keep expecting him to go back to the form of the last 2 years. in my head and heart Mi Niño Torres is back!!!!! I'm in no way forgiving and much less forgetting the last 2 years, but not ignoring the present either. I understand why you are being cautious but I also think The Special One worked his magic on Fernando. It feels like he's a different player, it's different from the short flashes he's showed since being here. I see a diffe
  3. hard to believe he isn't praised enough. it isn't really only about the goal - which us as fans should celebrate more! he's been amazing for us this season, played out of his mind in many matches and now it paid off with a goal. I get it that it wasn't a great match in terms of attack, but he had a great first half closing the door to all Shitty attempts on his side. just sad people aren't celebrating that one of the hardest workers in the team finally scored... I'm celebrating for you all tho :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo:
  4. waiting this for so long and it finally happened! both things! my bby scored!!!!! we beat Shitty!!!! definitely am The Happy One today. Shirley will score right and left for us now. he only needed that one first goal. you read it here first. now I'll continue to drink into oblivion
  5. an epitome of messes there today, but at least we equalized. and if etoo didn't score there, sorry he won't score ever you go, eddie
  6. that was such a nice goal. still waiting anxiously for him to start scoring for us. think once he starts he won't stop. it better come soon
  7. I'm new here - registered - but been lurking for a long time and I know people get sensitive about that stuff. know you're kidding but maybe someone reads it and thinks I'm for real
  8. didn't mean it like that and don't get me involved in countries wars. have no preferences as long as they honor the Blue shirt
  9. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11668/8960892/premier-league-petr-cech-hopes-chelsea-can-build-upon-win-at-norwich how many BPL MOTM trophies oscar got this season? lol there wont be space at his house soon also every interview by him starts with i'm very happy lol
  10. cheers to Spurs and Arse Perfect Sunday is perfect
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