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  1. TBH, I think our scouts did there fair share of research on this one. The lad is comfortable on the ball and reads the game very well for a 20 year old.
  2. Did I say it was? Every successful and big club, something we aren't yet, established an identity and philosophy which stems from the youth team. Players born and raised into a certain style mixing in with players that were purchased because their ability complements that certain style. Barca, Bayern, United, change managers all the time, yet they continue to be or became successful due to their identity.
  3. First, This club needs an identity/philosophy which stems from the youth academy. Next, Stop buying players That don't complement our style of play, third, get rid of dead weight players who lack technical ability or quality. Fourth, promote youth and mix them in with experienced players. Fifth, allow them to express their football freely, be solid defensively, and all must work hard to get the ball back.
  4. We get Rodgers I'm afraid the little hope of moving forward as a club will vanish. Unbelievable where this club as turned into and the blame is at several people who should've be shown the fucking door a while ago.
  5. For the sake of his own development, he'd be twice the player at Bayern.
  6. Hiddink shouldn't even be here. It is evident Mourinho's aura is still running the shots.
  7. Matic being known for being too obsessive with his left foot, shanks it with his left foot. Brilliant.
  8. What in the bloody fuck? Zhirkov was a solid back up for us and put up quality performances even at LB domestically and in Europe.
  9. Just asking to lose if you want a Ramires Mikel partnership.
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