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  1. Thought Morata would be an improvement
  2. I don't think Drinkwater did a whole lot wrong today. He's not the slick forward ball playing CM, but he is not as bad as some make him out to be
  3. Cant believe how much we r missing this guy
  4. Like this made no sense, at least play one striker up top to give us an outlet. The excuse to not lose 3 or 4-0 doesnt fly with me. I rather lose 10-0 and actually give it a go instead of this shit. One of the worst games i ever seen. Absolute joke
  5. Valdes is the best keeper for barcelona, because he is so quick of his line and his distribution is great. He also stopped with the blundering from a couple of years ago. As for Courtois, I think he will probably stay in spain, since he is been living there for 3 years now. He also has a girlfriend there and thats a big incentive to stay put probably. Real shame for CFC tho
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