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  1. 11 goals and 18 assists in 31 games in all competitions so far this season. Not bad at all. Glad hes doing well. Knowing Bayern, they'll soon be knocking at Wolfsburg's door.
  2. Despite losing Costa, Villa, Diego, P. Luis and Courtois they are beating RM 2-0, are equal on points with Barca in the league and just 1 point behind RM.. though Madrid have a game in hand. That Himinez is a teenager is just unbelievable, he is some defender at this stage. Simeone continues to impress and as you said i see them being semifinalist or possible finalist for the CL
  3. It really depends on what you are looking for in the player imo. Neymar is the better player imo atm
  4. They are simply very efficient this season . I think Messi is doing less goal scoring, and all the creating from what Ive seen smh.. apparently had 3 assist and 2 goals today. Hes not the same player he was a few years ago but goodness me..he is still very very good
  5. On another note ..Mangala was brilliant. How old is he ?
  6. He'll be off to Barcelona if it ever comes to him "just stepping in" for certain games imo. He probably will play in midfield for the rest of the season
  7. Anyone knows when David is due back ?....
  8. Dont think he would go to the other way though.....probably will end up at Liverpool like Daniel
  9. I use this website to watch games when I miss them http://www.gettyfooty.com/search/label/premier%20league
  10. That Brazilian squad is stacked!!! Jesus they have some real quality
  11. Considering they were dominating the play without any end product .......I think he did well and as you it was good .
  12. I'm in agreement as well ......Subotic is the better defender . Recently Mertesacker has replaced him in the NT and rightly so. Boateng who imo has improved tremendously under pep will keep his place in the Nt. Hummels and Mertesacker will fight for the other position.
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