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Rate the Chelsea managers in your lifetime

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Out of ten.

My first was Hoddle, and i was very young at the time, but looking back it was his appointment that started the shift into the more modern day Chelsea we've seen in the last two decades. 7

Gullit, won us our first trophy for 27 years, but I do feel he wouldn't have taken us close to the title like Vialli did in 99, 7.

Vialli, loved the trophies we were winning under him, and if Poyet didn't get injured in 98/99 who knows what may have happened, shame about how it all ended but great spell overall, 8.

Ranieri, his second season (first full season) frustrated the fuck out of me, we go to the Cup Final but we were so inconsistent in the league, Ranieri brought his own players and had a pre season and we actually went backwards (Jimmy and Eidur carrying us even as high as 6th), but he made up for it the season after to get us that crucial 4th place, and the rest is history, 7.5

Mourinho first coming, all my dreams came true under this guy, the way we dominated the league those first two years was inhuman, I don't think that will ever be repeated, even a sour last couple of months can't stop me giving his first spell full scores, 10.

Avram, hard one to score really, i was convinced Steve Clarke was the man in charge behind closed doors a theory that appears to have some substance giving what he did at Pompey and West Ham.

Scolari, would have been a 3 for the Liverpool game onwards but I did enjoy the football we played under him the first month or two, 5.

Hiddink first coming, the closest we have got to Jose's first spell in terms of the aura of invincibility we had, if we sacked Scolari at Christmas we would have probably won the title, 9.

Ancelotti, would have been 9 if I factor just the double season, but that horrible second season just can't be ignored, he wasn't helped by the board but his one dimensional tactics and team selections played a big part in our downfall, so as I would say 9 for the double season but 5 for the second season I'll split the overall score in the middle, 7.

AVB, what more can i say, @Henrique you were right I was wrong, 4.

Di Matteo interim, fantastic job, although we didn't really improve in the league and he wasnt exactly a tactical genius, he brought the club together and got us the FA Cup and CL in adversity, his work to bring big ears home puts him up their with Zola in legend status in my eyes, 8.5.

Di Matteo full time, I split his jobs in two because for me this was too much for him, we looked like a team split with 5 defenders and 6 attackers, as soon as the wheels fell off vs United he was totally out of his depth, 5.

Rafa, some people won't like hearing this but I thought he did a good job under the circumstances, we has a record breaking number of games and a small squad and he delivered top 3 and a trophy, which is about as much as that squad could have got, 7.

Mourinho second coming, he did a great job making the squad more equipped to challenge during his first two years, ultimately winning the league, everything went wrong this season but he still did a great job for two season's, 8.

Hiddink second coming, yes he has frustrated with team lineups and tactics, and he looks a shadow of his 2009 self, but if you factor in the table from when he arrived the points he has delivered is top 4 challenging form which in a normal season for Chelsea is nothing to shout about but considering what he inherited, it simply can't be ignored or sniffed at, no gold watch this time, but a steady hand through a hard period, 7.

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Mourinho First Coming - 10

Avram - 8

Scolari - 5

Hiddink First Coming - 8

Ancelotti - 8

AVB - 3

Di Matteo As Interim Manager - 9

Di Matteo As Full Time Manager - 6

Rafa Benitez - 7

Mourinho Second Coming - 9

Hiddink Second Coming - 6

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At my age it would fill up a whole page starting with Dave Sexton.


And even then I would have to Google to 

1. Remember them all

2. Get them in the right order


But I have a top 3

Sexton.....brilliant hard talking no nonsense manager who wascloved by players and fans alike.

Hoddle...for starting the revolution and attracting high calibre names

Mourinho... Hisvrecord speaks for itself

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Hoddle is the first one I can remember and I can still remember how exciting it was when we got Mark Hughes and Ruud Gullit. On the face of things, it doesn't look like he did that great, but he brought in a new philosophy and his name alone was the building block to attract the first big name players to the club in that era. I think he has to be given a solid 7 for this.

Gullit has to be seen in a similar way. His star power helped continue the work Hoddle started. Lebouef, Di Matteo, Vialli and most importantly Zola. It is forgotten some of the players that we had during the Hoddle and Gullit reigns and just how sub-standard they were. I was at the 97 cup final and it was phenomenal to get that first major trophy since the 70's. Vialli also took us over where we were in the semi finals of the league cup and cup winners cup too (albeit behind in both from the first leg) so further silverware could have been on the horizon with Gullit. However hindsight says it was the right decision, particularly given his spell at Newcastle after us and some of the dross he brought for them. 7.5

Vialli was my favourite from my childhood. We played such good football, won some trophies and it's forgotten just how close we came to winning the 98/99 league title. Poyet getting crocked I think was critical. He just seemed to have this infectious personality and passion. Again though similar to Gullit, it's strange that such a young promising coaching career never developed after us. 8.5

Ranieri was solid if unspectacular. He re-built an ageing squad in a time when the club was struggling somewhat financially. The purchase of Lampard and emergence of Terry were huge accomplishments now in hindsight. Ironically when you consider what he has done at Leicester this season, his best work for us was in the last season before Roman brought the club, getting us in the top 4 having spent no money the previous summer. 7

Mourinho in his first spell was obviously beyond people's wildest imaginations what we could accomplish. The first league title and how we steamrolled to it was out of this world. And the media forget how good we played that season, regularly scoring 3 or 4 a game. The core of the squad he built and developed lasted well after his spell. It's not quite perfect as he did leave us at our lowest ebb in his spell and just seemed when the going got tough, he was off. 9.5

Avram Grant was reasonable, and brought a calming influence to the club. However it seems a lot was to do with influential players and Steve Clarke as his no 2. Getting to a Champions League final was great, but at the end of the day we lost it. 6

Scolari was a terrible fit. A long time out of club coaching and poor English. The start was positive, but he soon got found out and was out of his depth. Tactically and physically it was probably the poorest I've ever seen the club. 3.5

Hiddink's first spell was superb. Again it's hard to ascertain with the 'temp' managers we've had how much is down to them and how much down to the players but I think he used his experience and likeable personality to push the club on. I do also believe the momentum we had at the time we would have won the champions league that season if we weren't screwed in the Barca semi. 8.5

Ancelotti I liked. Our double season was superb, the Wigan game was just such a great way to finish the season. The second season was not good at all, but we did manage to get second in the end. I would've liked to have seen him given more time at the club. 8

AVB was like Scolari, out of his depth. The strong dressing room we had was always going to be a problem for such a young and inexperienced manager. Particularly as he seeked to change a lot of things at the club. 4

Di Matteo on a temp basis. How much credit you can give him again is up for debate but what he did was go back to basics and work with what he had which was a strong, experienced core of players. His own standing with the Chelsea fans also helped pick the club back up and get the fans backing the squad. The league form was still patchy although it was clear that had become lowest priority. The Champions League moments against Barca and Bayern that season will never be surpassed for drama and emotion IMO. 9

Di Matteo permanent just didn't work. Bringing in younger players and looking to play a more expansive style never suited him. Although losing Drogba and being hamstrung with Torres wasn't ideal! 5

Benitez was similar to Hiddink in a way. He used his vast experience to build the club back up again and I thought he came out of things very well given how much stick he took from us. His Liverpool connections will mean he'll never be liked much but I still have a respect for him and how he helped the club. 7.5

Mourinho second spell is the most difficult to grade. We won the league again and he brought in some good players. However we also made some serious errors letting players go who would've stayed IMO with a manager happy to work with less experienced, younger players. The state he left the club in cannot be forgotten. 7

Hiddink like Mourinho, I think tarnished his legacy here more than enhanced it. Just has not had the same impact as previously and not played younger players enough given our season has been over for the past couple of months. 5.5

I think I've remembered everyone!

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4 hours ago, Superblue_1986 said:

Hoddle is the first one I can remember and I can still remember how exciting it was when we got Mark Hughes and Ruud Gullit. On the face of things, it doesn't look like he did that great, but he brought in a new philosophy and his name alone was the building block to attract the first big name players to the club in that era. I think he has to be given a solid 7 for this.

100% percent with you on this. Every time I talk with fellow Chelsea fans about Glen's vital contribution to our story they all agree without hesitation yet Glen does not seen to get the recognition he deserves. Perhaps it's those embarrassing connections of his. :)

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Mourinho First Coming - I came in at the tail end, but knowing everything that happened the seasons before: 9/10. He established Chelsea as one of the best teams in Europe, but didn't get a Champions League while he was here.

Avram - I'm not exactly sure all that he actually did while he was manager, but judging from results: 8/10. We come so close to winning the Champions League.

Scolari - 4/10. Zonal marking...

Hiddink First Coming - 9/10. One loss (albeit to Spurs) and some horrible calls away from getting to the Champions League final.

Ancelotti - 8/10. A great season followed by an acceptable (to me) season.

AVB - 5/10. Better than Scolari, but the fallout of him vs. the old guard was probably the second-lowest point of the Abramovich era.

Di Matteo - 7/10. I'll never forget the change in mentality after AVB left; how Di Matteo solidified the team and gave them a mentality to win the Champions League, but the start of the 2012/13 season was disappointing.

Rafa Benitez - 7/10. On the pitch, the team was good, but I hate him and the attitude he had towards the club. 

Mourinho Second Coming - 6/10. A fairly good first season followed by a great second season ending with a disastrous third season.

Hiddink Second Coming - 6/10. He came in and "steadied the ship" but the results didn't improve by much, and the Champions League and FA Cup runs were pretty poor.

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