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Players not on the radar

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Over the last few weeks and the next I'm sure, we have been and will be linked with almost anyone, but I saw some random link to a player on a not so reliable site, by the name of Goal.com :whistling:

Now even though their sources are as reliable as a Liverpool title challenge, they got me thinking.

The player in question was Ivan Rakitic. A 20 year old Croation who plays for Schalke. When we played them earlier in the CL this season he was one player who stood out for them and tbh, the sort of player we should be getting into the team instead of the Decos of this world, players almost on their last payday and wont have any cash coming our direction if we sell them on.

So my question is to you lot, who would you like to see come into the squad who we havent been linked with as yet ?

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Ronaldo, no question - no more of a twat than Drogba imo and more reason to be bigheaded for sure.

Nani - great player and still loads more potential.

Robben - pain in the arse for us with injuries but seeing him in the Euro's made me want him back.

Bentley - young, British, bit of an ego but think he'd do a great job for us

And if only they weren't bloody Arsenal - Fabregas and RVP

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