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from another forum..

friday night i went to an evening with peter bonetti, ron harris and clive walker. there was an auction of Chelsea memorabilia, and the three boys answered questions from the floor, told storys and signed autographs and posed for pictures.

it was very entertaining and was led mostly by chopper.

to paraphrase what i can recall of his thoughts;

he wouldn't cross the road to pee on ken bates if he was on fire because he treated the ex players like dirt

alan hudson should stop whinging. the club has raised a lot of money for him with dinners and a golf day. he was asked where that money went . he said he didnt know, but everytime he saw alan he was drunk.

roman is great. he always has time to sit and talk to old players; he finds out about them and now knows a lot about the club.

hutch used to be called tampon, because he was in 1 week and out for 3 :D

gazza was the last great english talent but is mad. "he is still trying to work out how his sister has 2 brothers and he only has 1 "

jackie charlton never had a little book where he wrote the names of those he was going to crunch in. that was terry paine.

zola is the greatest ever Chelsea player and a lovely guy.

he also told some great storys which i will try and relate.

george best was the best opponent he ever faced. once at the bridge, ron had been twisted up so often that at halftime he sat in the dressing room and felt giddy. tommy doc said "ron, you have got to take that :censored: out !" Ron asked if he meant for the game or the season ? tom said that the season would be good.

"but boss, if i do that, i will be sent off"

"dont worry about that son. they will miss him a lot more than we will miss you "

emylyn hughes was one of the most unpopular players in the game, always moaning. when he played for blackpool, he did a horrendous tackle which broke peter osgood's leg and put him out the game for a year. when hughes joined liverpool, one of his first games was against Chelsea. in the dressing room, they decided that anyone who got a chance would do him.

after 20 minutes, there was a 50-50 between hughes and ron.

"i held back to make it 60-40 in his favour. then i took him out just below the knee, which was a bit low for me ! he was screaming in agony on the floor, and a melee started so i turned and walked away. i felt a tap on my shoulder. i thought it was the ref going to send me off, so i ignored it, but it happened again. i turned round and there was my mate tommy smith. he grinned and said "i could get to like you, ron !"

after becoming captain, ron decided to ask tommy doc for a payrise. he went into his office and said

"boss, i have been captain now for 3 months and i think i have been playing well. so i think i should get another £20 a week."

Tommy looked at him and said

"that's your opinion son. now :censored: off"

finally, they were playing 1860 munich at the bridge. the doc was normally in the dressing room an hour before the game. on this occassion, he was nowhere to be seen. the bell went to go onto the pitch and they started to get up when he walked in and told everyone to sit down.

he then gave what ron described as the best team talk he ever heard. tommy said

"remember lads, these bastards tried to bomb your parents"

Chelsea won 2-0 :D

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