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Abramovich spend £61.3 m on Two Paintings

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£17m on naked 'Big Sue' paintingMay 19 2008 By Will Payne

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has been revealed as the man who spent £17million on a painting of a naked JobCentre worker known as Big Sue.

The Russian billionaire paid £17.2million - the highest price for a work by a living artist - for Lucien Freud's Benefits Supervisor Sleeping.

And the next day, he splashed out £44.1million on another painting, Tryptch by Francis Bacon.

Both works were auctioned last week.

Abramovich was named as the buyer of the paintings by The Art Newspaper in London. Editor Cristina Ruiz said: "I'm very impressed by his choices. He has gone in at the highest level but these are good purchases and I think they will hold their value."

It's believed Abramovich got his new-found love of art from model girlfriend, Daria "Dasha" Zhukova, 25.

Daria recently revealed that she is set to open a contemporary art gallery inMoscow.

A spokesman for Abramovich refused to discuss his boss's purchases, saying: "We do not comment on personal matters."

The model for Freud's painting, Sue Tilley, was paid just £25 a day for posing. She gave ITN presenter Katie Derham a telling-off last week for calling her "Fat Sue".

That would have bought Messi and Ribery. Oh well.

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he is 15th richest according to forbes with a $23.5b net worth


btw welcome..

are you the same sunburn, from the old talkchelsea forum?

yep...i dont know what happened to the old TC - something with money or something? anyway....when it shut down i was reading (hardly posting) at cfc.net as i find it can be a bit stuffy at that place if you know what i mean...found you guys again a little while ago but i have been on sabatical this year in spain, surfing everyday and more or less taking a break from the old daily routine - and quite frankly been a lazy bugger - but yea have gotten my act together to register and post again.....so yea..its me...glad to see TC going again with many of the familiar crew still here...

cheers craig

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