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Ready, Steady......

Special Juan

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It's nearly upon us, the start of Chelsea's quest for PL glory begins on Monday against a lesser know PL outfit in Burnley. Now the name Burnley won't strike fear into many and I think some are seriously under estimating what they are and how this match is some what of a blank canvas. I remember being at the Bridge for when we hosted Hull a few seasons back, sat there, thinking hey '4-0, 5-0' and how I got a shock, these were new boys ready for a fight, they didn't care who we were, what we have won, they wanted a fight, they gave us a fight and nearly give us a fright. Boos rang around the Bridge everytime Hunt touched the ball, we know the history, and yes I said Hunt, and wasn't it just typical he pops up and scores the opener, it just had to be. The moral of the story here is never, ever under estimate the opposition, Hull had nothing to lose and neither will Burnley because Sean Dyche will have his men ready and firing just like the managers represents on the sidelines.

Isn't it madness that years ago pre season was just a smattering of fans watching from the stands and the atmosphere so quiet you could here chairs popping back up into the closed position as people went for a pie or left for the loo. Look at our game earlier in the week against Sociedad a nigh on full Stamford Bridge was on hand to witness Diego Costa take apart Sociedad within six minutes, it just shows you how far football has become and how eager fans are now to get a glimpse of the new stars and be part of the welcoming and also ready for the tape to go up. I liked the player introduction on Tuesday, I felt it was good for both players and fans, not only that but it added the personal touch as each player was introduced especially that introduction of Drogba, wasn't it great to see him back on the hallowed turf and getting the reception he deserved? Marvelous.

I was well surprised at our new lighting on Tuesday and how now the world has moved into the LED light world, the pitch looked immaculate, the football was good and Stamford Bridge with a huge downpour didn't dampen any spirits, in fact the image of Diego Costa wheeling away whilst the rain poured is stuck in my head. I mean come on, there was a rainbow above the Bridge on Tuesday, reminded me of the Wembley arch........We will be back there this season, that told me so.

I think all the 'i's' have now been dotted and all the 't's' been crossed and we are ready to go. Summer has been a long one, even with the World Cup, I thought it would of been 'Blink and it's Kick Off in the PL' not so, it's dragged but now it's here. Pre season was good, the gaffer seems happy with his signings and the fans seemed in good voice on Tuesday.

See you all Monday......CAREFREE!!!!!

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Now the name Burnley won't strike fear into many and I think some are seriously under estimating what they are and how this match is some what of a blank canvas.

Well said! The first game is always difficult. Carefree!

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