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Chelseas Biggest Game Ever

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It is hard to say because different games are big for different reasons. You could say the game against Bolton where we won the league for the first time in 50 years was our biggest! Or many others. But considering this is the final of the biggest club competition in the world i would say that yes, this is probably our biggest ever game..

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Even though we beat Bolton 4-3 , we still went down.

All pretty important. Of course there was also the 1970 FA Cup replay.

But for me the most important would be another Bolton game (they seem to figure in our important games). Not the League win, but the 1983 game.

Clive Walkers late strike ensuring a 0-1 win that stopped the slide into Div 3, and staved off certain bankruptcy.

This CL game is probably the clubs most prestidgious to date so far

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being the gloryhunter, wasn't around in '83, Greg.. :lol:

i would certainly rate the final more important than 2-1 vs pool in 03 cos if we consider the reason we got here as more important than the dream itself, then we might as well put the semifinal victory over pool this season in it too..

So the moral would be every game is important :)

There are definite key games though - that 2-1 over Liverpool -we were about £100 m in debt, again close to going under, and Gronkjaers beauty shaved £25 m off that at a stroke , and there would have been no Abramovich interest, allegedly.

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This game takes on a massive amount of importance in the history of the club and in building the future of the club to the next level. I think when you look at it from a one game perspective, the rewards on the night, without looking at the long-term repercussion's this game could have, (for example when we beat Liverpool on the last day of the season in 2003, we didn't know at the time we'd sealed the interest of a certain Mr Abramovich) then it's certainly up there as one of our biggest games ever. But is this the biggest game in the clubs history?

I'll save my answer for Thursday afternoon

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I think this is probably the most important game we have had although it is hard to argue with some of the previous examples. And as somebody said - different games have different meanings. I really enjoy the format, the difficulty of this competition of having to be your best on the day of, and the flair and flavour of playing the best of europe. To win the league you only have a very small margin of error. To win the CL you might have even less. Although both are extremely difficult in their different ways, if you take into account that the worlds eye's will be on us - and the fact we haven't won it before - yea I would say its the biggest.


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