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Barcelona - Opposition Views 2


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MatFCB from FCBes.com has kindly answered some questions on tonight's Champions League encounter with FC Barcelona!

-Firstly we will start off with an easy question, How long have you supported Barcelona for and for what reason? Since 1998, after World Cup in France when I enjoyed Netherlands play, I started to watch Barca games because there were many Dutch players back then in the squad. Dutch power FTW

-What was your reaction to your quarter-final and semi-final draw? Not happy, because I wanted RM over two legs in UCL, not in potential Champions League Final. Losing to RM in Final would be the worst experience ever. Also I wanted to avoid Milan, so I wasn't happy at all with that draw.

-Barcelona are currently sitting 4 points off the pace of Real Madrid, with the remaining fixtures do you thing you can sneak the title out of Madrid’s grasp and continue your domination of the La Liga? No, I don't think so. We will probably beat them in El Clásico, but they will hold on with that 1 remaining point to win a La Liga.

-In the last round you knocked out AC Milan, tell us about the game? We played good game against AC Milan, but due to our bad finishing scoreline was only 3-1. Milan disappoint me in first leg, not looking to score at their own stadium was fail IMO. To beat Barca over two legs you have to win home leg and then defend at Camp Nou. Semis in 2009-10 vs Inter are example for other teams what to do vs Barca.

-Chelsea v Barcelona has become quite a rivalry in the Champions League, are Chelsea considered one of your biggest rivals now days? Yup, this is longtime rivalry. It started with QF in 99-2000 when we came back after losing 1-3 in first leg to beat Chelsea 5-1 at Camp Nou. Remontada worked that time then in Mourinho years we played each other many times. There is of course Iniesta goal and that SB game. Chelsea - Barcelona is a classic in UEFA Champions League.

-There was a lot of controversy surrounding our previous encounter at Stamford Bridge, do you agree that it was harsh on Chelsea to be eliminated or do you think the result was well deserved? Harsh, but Chelsea failed to beat us when they have a chance. After Abidal's red card for Anelka dive you have 11 players vs our 10 and parked a bus. Instead diving all over place like Drogba and parking the bus you should have went for a kill and scored a 2nd goal. You didn't do it and Iniesta punished Chelsea. As for all this penalty talk. Pique's handball was the only stonewall pen, Drogba dived a many times, and no way one of his dives were a penalty. In first leg Ballack should have been red carded for second yellow (after foul on Iniesta) and we should have pen for Bosingwa foul on Henry. Refs made many mistakes in both legs, but they weren't the reason you go out. Lack of courage and poor finishing in the second leg were.

-Looking at your current squad, which player has been a stand out this season? If you had to choose one player that you think would make an impact at Chelsea who would it be and why? Messi, of course. Without him we wouldn't be in UCL semis, Copa Final and 2nd place in La Liga with 4 points behind RM. We lack goalscorers, we dominated games, but consistently fail to finish our chances. Messi is our only consistent goalscorer. As for a player who would make an impact in Chelsea team? There are many players who would improve your team, except for the obvious one (Messi), I think Iniesta will elevate your team to next level.

-If you could pick one Chelsea player to join Barcelona who would it be and why? Mata, because he is very good player, good dribbler with a goalscoring ability, he can definitely play in this Barca side, he would fight for a place in Best XI. My second pick would be David Luiz, because we lacks another good CB and I think Luiz will become one of the best CBs in the world in upcoming years.

-And finally, what is your prediction for the first leg of our Champions League Semi Final at Stamford Bridge? Draw, 1-1, Barcelona to score first and dominate a game, but as usual poor finishing will cost us and Chelsea will equalize in second half.

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I liked Howard Webb last night booking Higuain for imaginary card waving after a foul. Hoping to get a strong ref tonight who stamps all of that out. For all the lovely football they play, the media both in England and Spain fail to pick up on the fact that Barcelona are probably the worst team in world football for imaginary card waving, going down easily and crowding the ref on every decision. Barcelona always escape any criticism for this!

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