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  1. What was Conte thinking letting Costa take that penalty? Did he not see him at Atleti? He's average from the spot.
  2. We should go for him. He's got the work rate to fit right into our system.
  3. He was outcoached today in my opinion. But I love the spirit he has instilled in the squad.
  4. I can't remember Oscar playing this well last season either. It's Sunderland though. I've never seen Azpi with so much freedom.
  5. What do you want me to do? name more? Ok I feel our entire back four has been doing their best despite no protection from the midfield and two aging players. Cesc has finally been exposed because we've not been playing well offensively. Teams are braver when they attack us because we don't trouble them enough on the attacking end and the more they attack, the more likely Cesc defensive frailties are exposed. Look the players are doing the best they can. I don't expect a work horses like Willian and Oscar to become offensive juggernauts overnight and save Mourinho's bacon. We don't have a Madr
  6. We're in this position because of him. Don't act like these are circumstances beyond his control. He had a world class Madrid side playing utter garbage in his last season and managed to lose the league to a Barcelona side with no manager and an aging midfield.
  7. Why are you comparing us to Madrid? We don't have those type of players capable of making atrocious managers look good. That's something you will have to live with. Why do people bring up the UCL win like we pulled a Greece 04 and played magnificent defensive football? We won because of Cech, luck and Drogba. That back four was breached multiple times in three games of football and it should have been a blow out. We were comprehensively outplayed from start to finish in.all those games. We were very lucky. that's all.
  8. And the players aren't doing that? Hazard puts his body on the line every time he has the ball at his feet poor guy has been carrying our offense getting hacked. I see Willian running too and fro every game. You got Matic out there doing the job of two men and we're one point off relegation regardless.If their heads begin to drop you can't blame them. They've never been in this position before. The team full of fighters that you speak so highly of turned on AVB the moment they faced real adversity. What do you think they would do you think they would do to Jose right now? This is far worse th
  9. You think the City or PSG players care about the fans or the club or whatever? No they don't but they'd still put five past us because they play better footballRunning three times as fast and having 'heart' can't overcome shit tactics.
  10. Our problem isn't passing the ball, it's creating quality chances. That's down to the manager. Leicester City is a perfect example of how influential a manager is when it comes to changing overall identity of a team. He's inherited a team that barely survived relegation and now they look like a decent team.Look at Madrid. The free flowing team from last season that scored goals for fun are now looking inept offensively. A team that created most of their chances by playing slick possession football now put more crosses in than a David Moyes team( I'm exaggerating but you get the point). The gir
  11. That's the thing, it's obviously a tactical/psychological issue but for some reason certain posters can't see it. You can put Modric and Thiago in this team and the same problems will arise Jose's tactics are not sustainable in the long term. That's it. Nothing else.
  12. Article by Michael Cox of Zonal Marking on our game against Bournemouth and problems this season. "When absolutely everything has fallen apart, it cannot realistically be about technical or tactical weaknesses it hints at an overriding problem in terms of fitness or psychology. It is probably a combination of the two and the pattern throughout Mourinhos career of his teams falling away in the third season is clear. When unveiled at Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2013, he correctly pointed out that his success came usually in the second season and he has triumphed in his sophomore campaign a
  13. Last season's team couldn't do this Southampton
  14. I remember when we were having troubles two seasons ago, I saw "special once" trend on Twitter. Had me rolling.
  15. This is all that needs to be said in regards to what we're facing right now.The same thing happened in his last season in Madrid. A team that was high flying, became a shadow of themselves the following season.. He was figured out and didn't know how to adjust his tactics. So he decided to deflect, and throw players like Ozil under the bus. Then he started yapping on about conspiracies and all that.To get out of the mess he created, he started talking nonsense about how he wanted to go where he is loved and saying all types of crazy stuff so Perez had no choice but to fire him. I can't find i
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